That Thing at the Zoo by James R. Tuck

JTuck-That Thing at the ZooAfter the string of not so great books I’ve had, I was afraid That Thing at the Zoo by James Tuck would be another to add to my give away pile.  I’m happy to announce, I was wrong about the book and it will be joining my expanding library.

Right from the start, I was curious to know what creature was killing those poor animals in the zoo and when I finally find out what it was, I was giddy.  Do you remember the movie ‘Van Helsing’ with the hunky Hugh Jackman and the too pretty to be real Kate Beckinsale?  Do you remember Dracula’s brides?  This may be one of those goofy but supposed to be scary movies, but I thought the brides in that movie were pretty nifty.  I’m referencing this because they are similar to what Deacon Chalk fights.  In That Thing at the Zoo, the monster is called a Nosferatu, except this vampire doesn’t change back into a human, like the brides do in the movie.  She’s bad and evil and a nice drastic change from some of the ‘generic’ vampires we normally see.  I was very disappointed that he got her so fast, and that there weren’t more of them down there waiting for him.  I wanted more!  But it was a novella, it kinda comes with the territory.

I really enjoyed the character of Deacon and knowing I had the first book in this new series, Blood and Bullets, waiting in the wings, pun so intended, it helped my disappointment that the novella was over so fast.  He’s a tough cookie, but he’s got this horrific past that makes him more human, someone you just want to hug and make it all better somehow.  If you can get around all his hardware that is, good gravy the man packs on the heat.  I’m intrigued by this guy, I want to know more about him, I want more stories!  After Deacon, my favorite part was the mullet wearing zookeeper Jimmy.  I had Billy Ray Cyrus singing in my ears for the remainder of the book anytime he was on the page.

I thoroughly enjoyed That Thing at the Zoo, and I’m very excited to start the next installation, Blood and Bullets.

Read Order:
That Thing At The Zoo (January 27, 2012)
Blood and Bullets (February 7, 2012)
Blood and Silver (August 7, 2012)

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  1. Sounded interesting enough I bought Blood and Bullets to be delivered to my kindle :-) I am still trying to track down the novella in a kindle friendly format – it sounds really interesting!

  2. There has been a switcheroo on the release date because of a formatting issue. I will send the buy links as soon as they are available and I am sure Jackie will put them up.

    Sorry about the delay! This is a brand new thing Kensington is doing so there is a little bit of learn-as-you-go happening. :)

    But they have never done an e-book only novella release to support a series before. I am honored they chose me to give it a try on!

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