For a Few Demons More by K. Harrison

For a Few Demons More by Kim Harrison is definitely worth a read. The book picks up about four months after the ending of A Fistful of Charms with a few new werewolf murders. Nobody is convinced that the focus went over the bridge in Michigan and someone has started looking for it in Cincinnati. On top of these murders, Al the demon shows back up to create untold panic in Rachel’s life. Let’s just say that when you start reading this book, it’s not going to end the way you think it will. Harrison throws in more plot twists that have no choice but to be further developed in the future and there are revelations made that I, for one, didn’t see coming. This addition to the series has opened up a whole new path and I can’t wait until the sixth book comes out. This book is definitely worth everyone’s time.

Spoiler Alert – There were some aspects of the book that got to me. Basically, I need to rant a few points because it did get to me so much. So if you haven’t read For a Few Demons More yet, then don’t continue from this point. There are going to be some spoilers.

I can’t believed they killed Kisten! I loved the whole tangle of webs that were going on between Ivy, Rachel and Kisten. While I understand why Harrison killed him off, I still don’t have to like it. In the fourth book, Ivy finally bites Rachel. The experience ends horribly, but Rachel isn’t as afraid of it as she thought she was going to be and wants to find a blood balance with Ivy. The only problem is she doesn’t want it to include sex. This makes the relationships of Ivy/Rachel and Rachel/Kisten even more interesting. Now that Kisten knows that Rachel isn’t afraid of being bite, it adds a new dimension to their relationship. At the same time, they know they can’t do anything about it because Ivy has called owner on Rachel’s blood. If Kisten bites Rachel, then Ivy kills Kisten. So the level of danger in the Kisten/Rachel relationship has escalated and with Kisten’s birthday gift to Rachel, it gets even more interesting. By killing off Kisten, it ends the whole triangle of pain and longing. I get this, but I loved the relationship Kisten and Rachel had. I don’t think that Rachel is going to be able to have another relationship in the series quite like this one. I’m sure this is just a prequel to Ivy and Rachel finally getting the blood balance worked out (and not having to worry about Kisten), especially since Rachel now has a reason to find out if she is bi-curious or not, but I think Rachel needs to have a man in her life.

And what is going on with the elves. So far Ceri hasn’t been interested in doing demon curses and other dark arts, but damn, mess with Rachel and she goes all demonic. Rachel finally decides to introduce Ceri to Trent and it doesn’t start off well. The whole “I have the focus” confession to Trent actually backfires on Rachel and Trent’s evil side is shown to Ceri before introductions are made. Next thing you know, Ceri goes all medieval with the dark arts and we find out that Quen is actually a practitioner much to Trent’s shock. Ceri sees first hand that Trent isn’t actually good, I mean she calls him a demon, and then admits that she likes him after he is gone. Talk about twisted. Plus, once Quen sees what Rachel can do, it seems like he gets a new pile of respect for her. Like she wasn’t really an equal before, but now she has the potential to be. I’m not sure where this is going to end up, but it definitely screams more drama between Rachel and the elves.

I love the fact that they killed off Piscary and that Al the Demon is now in a demonic jail cell. It was time for some new villains, but I’m curious about who did kill Kisten. Piscary gives Kisten’s blood to somebody not of his camarilla and they never mention who. I know that Ivy and Rachel are going to try and find out, but I have a feeling Ivy doesn’t want to know. Personally, I think Skimmer is going to have a part in Kisten’s death and that is going to totally screw her over with both Ivy and Rachel. Saladan is back to take over for Piscary, but a power struggle is definitely going to begin and I’m curious to see who the new big bad is.

There were so many plot points that I have a love/hate feeling toward that I could continue talking until someone tells me to stop; however, that isn’t going to happen in a one-sided conversation and this post is starting to get a bit long. If anyone does end up reading For a Few Demons More and wants to talk about it, let me know.

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A Fistful of Charms
For a Few Demons More
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  1. *Spoiler: don’t read if you haven’t read this book!

    i actually don’t know if I want to finish the series because of what happened to Kisten. I also didn’t like that everyone was telling Rachel that Kisten doesn’t love her. That she should choose Ivy. I actually don’t think Ivy loves Rachel. i think she just wants to possess and own her. That is not love. Kisten really did love Rachel and vise versa. Everyone was saying he wouldn’t die for her.

    I just have so many problems with this novel. I felt like he was killed off just so Rachel and Ivy can establish a relationship, but, like I said, I don’t think Ivy really loves her, I don’t like Ivy, and I don’t think Rachel loves her like she did Kisten or that she ever will. I don’t like when one character is killed off so the other person has a chance.

    so that was my rant!

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