Vampire Credibility Scores

Okay, Nicola at Alpha Heroes has incredibly too much time on her hands. Like me, she’s a fan of the paranormal genre and she’s been analyzing the trends that a lot of the books have regarding vampires. She asks three very good questions…

First of all, if they are immortal, and we are not…. Shouldn’t they eventually outnumber us?

Secondly, if they are immortal, and they turn humans into immortal vampires… Shouldn’t they eventually outnumber us?

Thirdly, if they have superhuman strength, can fly or teleport, etc – basically, if they’re nearly inescapable deadly predators—plus immortal, plus turning…. Shouldn’t they eventually outnumber us?

Did you catch the main idea? I have to agree with her though. If vampires and other immortals did exist, they would have to be really good at keeping their identity a secret. I mean, after a few centuries, they should start to outnumber us and you would think people would begin to realize that someone who should be old isn’t.

Either way, Nicola and  O’Donovan discuss the realistic characteristics of vampire universes by several different authors and they’ve come up with some interesting numbers.  I’m not really sure what they all mean or who came out on top, but it seems if you’re looking for the highest, then JR Ward’s Black Dagger Brotherhood is the winner.  However, if we need the lowest number, than there is a tie between Kresley Cole and Christine Feehan’s worlds.  Although, the fact that Nicola thought of this and actually turned it into a spreadsheet where she could determine the credibility of various versions proves she’s just as much of a geek as I am.

The whole post is kind of interesting, so make sure you head over to Alpha Heroes and check it out.

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  1. I always wonder that about immortals. They must be battling each other to death quite frequently to keep their numbers low, a la Highlander. And Immortal love? I think two people just might grow sick of each other after a couple hundred years.

    I tagged you for a book game: Open the book nearest to you and open to page 123. Then post the 5th sentence.

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