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Casey Literary RantsIn which I rant about Small Press Authors/Books for the new Mini Challenge

Today Feburary 1st and that means it’s time for a new mini challenge. Yay! This month’s challenge is Small Press Authors. I’m not going to lie, I haven’t read that many small press authors, so this rant is going to be kind of small.

Books I have Read
Ward Against Death by Melanie Card. I adored this book, so much. It was unique, funny, exciting, with lots of action and plot twists and a hint of romance.

I’m not entirely sure if I can put Melissa Schroeder into this category, since I’ve never actually read any of her books. However, I have read snippets and some of her short stories that she posts online, and what I have read I’ve loved.

BBrux-Shield of FireBooks I Want to Read
Supernaturally Kissed by Stacey Kennedy. Well for one thing, Supernaturally Kissed has a delicious cover. And I read the excerpt. All I can say is, “HOT HOT HOT!”

Shield of Fire by Boone Brux. I have another very superficial reason for wanting to read Shield of Fire and it all has to do with those muscles…that tattoo…Can someone PLEASE introduce me to that cover model?! Please!

Books I’m Going to Read
MRychlik-JourneymenJourneymen by Mike Rychlik. Okay, so Journeymen is not something I would normally ever pick up. Men playing baseball and thinking about the good old days – yeah, so not the kind of book I ever read. However, Mike Rychlik was my high school English teacher and the best damn teacher I have ever had. Ever. So while I can say that I probably won’t even like this book, I do know that he is a wonderful, talented man and I’m going way far out of my comfort zone to read his book.

For The Love of Mollie by KT Grant. From what I can tell, For The Love of Mollie is a short, sweet story about love and self-image/worth, with lots of hot sex. Sounds perfect to me.

If you’re still having trouble finding small press authors for this mini challenge, check out the After Dark on Bourbon Street posts, that’ll be posted throughout February. Lots of amazing authors are stopping by and there’ll even be some amazing contests. *grin*

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