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AAD Burbon StreetDid you see the latest AAD Author visiting Larissa’s Bookish Life yesterday with her own After Dark on Bourbon Street story? You should totally go read it…like now.

After Dark on Bourbon Street

The Mystic Arch spit me out in some god-forsaken land. I know not where. So much noise. So many lights. Magic as I’ve never seen before—and I have seen much in my life. Back on Inness, my name is Sha-hera. Feared and hunted for being a Demon Bane and the commander of the Succubus Army, I spent most of my days deep within the icy Shadow World, plotting against the Bringers.

But now I was free.

At first I hid, watching the people from the trees and roofs. But my nature is not to cower in the shadows and so I chanced an encounter. Two people, I mistook for women, approached. As they neared, I realized my mistake. These were not women, but men. Dressed in the finest of gold fabrics, their skin glittered like diamond dust in the magical lamps high above the road. I tensed, ready for attack. Surely these two were of some importance and commanded an army of guards. I glanced around but saw no men at arms. For my part, I’d behead them all for leaving their masters unprotected.

Screaming, fleeing, or begging for their lives were the usual reactions to my appearance—but not these brave men. I flared my wings, pointing the spiked tips in their direction. Much like the Alban Desert Viper that spreads it’s hood and rattles it’s tail in warning, I stood ready for attack.

The men approached and stepped into a puddle of light that spilled from the magical lanterns. Pretty to the point of being feminine, both men stopped and cocked their heads to the side in unison and placed their hands on their hips.

“Well darlin’,” said one of the men, taking a step toward me. Under the dusting of gold, his skin was nearly as black as Icarus’s. Dark eyes framed by unusually long, gold eyelashes, rounded with what appeared to be delight. He flashed a smile. Though he bore no impressive fangs, his large, round teeth seemed to glow in the descending darkness. “Aren’t you the prettiest little demon I’ve ever seen?”

I’m used to taking what I want, namely souls, but I also respect a worthy adversary. Not knowing where or when I was, put me at a tactical disadvantage. Since the men didn’t seem to fear me, I thought I’d use my most effective offense—seduction.

“Thank you, kind sir. You’re looking very regal tonight.” I sauntered a few steps toward them. A high pitched noise, I took for agreement, squeezed from the second man. “Are you gentlemen enjoying yourselves?”

The shorter of the two spread his arms wide and shook his feathered headdress. “Of course we’re having a good time, sweetie. It’s Mardi Gras.”

“This costume is amazing.” The gold eye-lashed man circled me, running his hands along the ribs of my wings. I stayed the urge to grab him by the throat and drink his soul. He stopped and faced me, tapping a long gold fingernail against his chin. “But it’s missing something.”

I tensed, ready for his attack. He reached for several strands of glimmering beads and removed them from around his neck. Would he attempt to strangle me? Was this some kind of ruse to divert my attention away from an assault? I waited—ready. These may be great men among their people, but they were no match for me physically. I’d snap their necks like dry twigs before they had a chance to raise the alarm.

Instead of an attack, the man held the beads out and carefully fitted them over my horns to settle them between my breasts. Never has anybody given me such a gift without cause. I ran my talons along the purple, green, and pink gems. For the first time in my lengthy life words escaped me.

“Now that we’re new best friends,” said the black and gold man, “you’ve got to join us.”

“Hell yes, she does!” agreed the feathered man. “We’ll be all the rage.”

They flanked me, locking their arms with mine. Ripples of anticipation shuddered through me. It had been so long since I’d been touched by a human. The heat of the men’s skin seeped into my naturally cold body. Again I repressed the instinctual urge to steal their souls and experience the euphoria of The Taking.

My circumstances had changed. Here, I was no longer hunted by the Bringers and tonight I wanted to experience this new world with my…what had he called us? New best friends.


Meet Boone Brux!

Boone BruxBoone has lived in the beautiful state of Alaska for nearly two decades. She spent many of those years in the bush, where the internet and flush toilets were a luxury. Boone’s motto? “Have laptop, will travel.” It’s not uncommon to see her pounding away at her computer during camping trips, fishing expeditions, or in their family plane as they fly over the open tundra.

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In one night Ravyn’s life plunges from barely tolerable to deadly. Forced to flee the only home she’s known, she stumbles headlong into the clutches of Icarus, a powerful demon intent on stealing her powers. Unfortunately for him, she has no intention of cooperating.

When Rhys realizes the woman he’s rescued from the Bane Demon is no mere human, his obligation as a Bringer dictates he protect and train her in the ways of his people. But he’s unprepared for the intense desire he feels for the fiery Ravyn. To surrender to his need may mean her death.

As the Demon King increases his efforts for ultimate power, fathers are slated against sons and foes made allies. With the Bane threat escalating, Rhys and Ravyn must quest to unite the last of the Bringers – and explore a passion too powerful to ignore.

Kiss of the Betrayer (October 2012 from Entangled Publishing)

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  1. I have to say, when I was in NOLA a few years back, I went on a vampire tour and I must admit the guide definitely looked the part. Although the prob was, that he was gorgeous and boy did he know it. He could have come out of a PNR novel or my dreams. Thanks for the wonderful contest.

  2. I’ve never come across someone that could’ve come from a paranormal novel.I don’t think I want to either.Well unless he’s a hot alpha male ;) I’ve never been to NOLA so I don’t know where you should go.

  3. Maybe some guys I had crushes on long ago…but yeah, I’d love to come across people from a paranormal fantasy. You never know where you may meet some interesting paranormal people in NOLA…it’s a magical city. I would try Frenchman Street…it’s the place where the local musicians go. One time we went and a band just starting jamming in the street and people were dancing…it was so cool.

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