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We’re currently in the middle of month two of the Outlander Reading Challenge and I am quite enjoying re-reading Dragonfly in Amber. In the midst of all my reading, I came across a couple of photo albums on Diana Gabaldon’s facebook page and they got me thinking.  There’s a movie in the works for Outlander, so of course there’s a ton of actors being tossed around for the various parts.  Diana has picked her top 11 for the roles of Jamie, Claire and Black Jack/Frank Randall and of course I’m going to weigh in. Now this isn’t to say that these actors are being picked for the parts, just that they seem to be readers choices for the role and Diana has picked her favorite from the suggestions.

Gabriel AubryJamie Fraser
Jamie is kind of a tough one if you ask me. You need someone who will be able to pull off a naiveté and still be quite the warrior. I’m not really digging any of the ones in Gabaldon’s album, but if I had to chose, I’m liking Gabriel Aubry as a possible Jamie.  I’m not really sure who he is since I can’t seem to find him on IMDB, so I don’t know if he could pull off Jamie or not.  The one thing I do know, he’s pretty to look at and I bet he would be hot as a red head and in a kilt.

Alex KingstonClaire Beauchamp
I have to say, I’m loving the idea of Alex Kingston as Claire.  She has the curls for the part as well as the beauty to pull it off.  I think Alex could pull of a 28 year old Claire as well as the 40something she would need to be if Voyager was ever to be made.

For those who are not familiar with Alex, you should be.  She’s the infamous River Song from  Doctor Who and considering the asskicking she does there, I think she could hold her own against some unruly Scots.

Natalie DormerJenny or possibly Geillis
Now I have to say, there was one suggestion that I can’t see as Claire; however, as Jenny (Jamie’s sister) or Geillis Duncan, that I can totally see. This would be Natalie Dormer and she’s a complete unknown to me, but can’t you see Jenny in her? That steely determination that just exudes she’s going to get shit done regardless of what she has to do.  Yup, I can also see her as Geillis Duncan.

So after looking her up, I can’t say that I’m completely unfamiliar with her.  Natalie played Lt. Lorraine in last year’s Captain America movie and for those who watch The Tudors, she was on the show as Anne Boleyn.  She is also in this season of Game of Thrones as Margaery Tyrell, so I’m thinking Natalie will have both the fantasy and the historical aspects of acting under her belt.

Black Jack Randall & Frank Randall
And last by but no means least, we have the nefarious Black Jack Randall and Frank Randall.  After all, whoever plays one would have to be able to play a kinder and gentler Frank, right? Whenever I picture Jonathan or Frank, I really don’t have a body type in mind, but who doesn’t love Jonathan Rhys Meyers? I haven’t seen much of The Tudors, but from what I have seen, I totally think he can pull off the manipulative Jonathan and the picture of him with the glasses totally screams history geeky Frank, don’t you think?

So those are my picks from the albums Diana Gabaldon has posted  on her facebook page, but I’m curious to see what everyone else thinks.  Do you agree with my picks? Do you have someone else in mind for any of these characters?  What about any of the characters not listed here.   Do you have the perfect Murtagh?  Dougal?

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