Guest Authors: Gena Showalter & Jill Monroe

I am excited to welcome authors Gena Showalter and Jill Monroe as they celebrate the release of Dating the Undead.

Dating the UndeadThey’re drop-dead handsome— and we’re not kidding!

Welcome to the first and only guide devoted to loving the immortal man in all of his furry, feathery, fiery glory. Here is a forbidden-fruit salad of features, fiction, fashion, and more, including:

— Lipstick on His Collar — Is your immortal just a little bit…immoral?

— Angel in the Kitchen — Heavenly dishes that don’ take an eternity to prepare

— A Kiss is not just a Kiss — Immortals we crave divulge their lip-smacking turn-ons

— Undead & Well-Read — What’s hot between the covers this month

— A View from a Guy — Zombie Jack’s turn

— Immorstrology Our indispensable guide to heavenly bodies

Make sure you stick around to the end. We’ll be giving away a copy of Dating the Undead.

Why, Oh Why, Do We Love THEM So?

Nine Reasons We Crave Immortals

What is it about undead dudes that really gets us going? Their looks, for sure—whether your taste runs to sensitive Angel types or steamin’ Demons. But there are so many other reasons to fall for an immortal, and we’ve assembled our Top 9—you can decide the 10th!

  1. Their manly beauty doesn’t have an expiration date, and neither does their dangerous bad-boy appeal! He’ll look just as
    handsome—and still have new tricks up his flowing sleeve—for all eternity. So . . . go ahead, Dragon-lover, play with fire every day—those flames will never die. And he’ll never have to go on your insurance plan, either.
  2. You’ll never be ashamed to be seen with him. Most immortals dress better than we do (though some can use a little
    help from us . . . if he’s one of them, see page 67 for helpful tips on making over his wardrobe). So, say goodbye to phrases like, “You’re not going to wear that, are you?” and walk down the street proudly beside him. (You might even want to borrow some of his scarves— especially if you are hiding a few telltale “love bites.”)
  3. They can afford to show you a good time. Living forever is great for the bank account—they’ve been stashing away dough since the days of pirate treasure, and they know the stock market like the backs of their hairy hands. Go ahead and buy the strappy sandals and the red patent pumps—your howlin’ hottie won’t complain when the bill comes.
  4. Due to circumstances beyond their control, very few immortals have mothers. Think about it. This means you’ll never have a mother-in-law to pass judgment on how you dress, cook, or keep house. You heard right: there’s no such thing as a “monster-in-law.”
  5. Enjoy flying? How about without a plane? Yep, you’re bound to get carried away when you date an immortal—and I mean dinner for two in Paris followed by a stroll around Sydney harbor. No need to fasten your seatbelts, either. These guys have a perfect safety record, even when carrying a dressed-to-the-nines LG under their ever-lovin’ wings.
  6. Hard-bodied perfection is the norm among immortals. Who knows why, but those rippling muscles and washboard abs
    go with the territory. No matter how many bags of Doritos your Zombie scarfs down or how much steak tartare your Werewolf
    devours, he’ll maintain his glorious physique for the duration. (And, with the workout he gives you, so will you!) Oh, and as for his dome—he’ll never go bald, guaranteed.
  7. Chores no more. Not only are immortals eager to please, most of them never sleep. So go ahead, lazybones, stay in bed til
    three. Just leave him a to-do list and your house will be spotless and your fridge filled with your favorite treats by the time you get up.
  8. Not just sexy—romantic, too. What might seem old-fashioned to some guys is “classic” to an immortal, from bringing home flowers to remembering every anniversary (including the first bite or first full moon together). After all, he was once a genuine Victorian gentleman. If rose petals on the sheets never get old for you, go immortal!
  9. Need space? No problem. An immortal is never clingy or (too) possessive—on the contrary, he is happy to let you enjoy a night out with the gals or watch Twilight for the 25th time. Maybe it’s because he needs his alone time too, to enjoy a wing massage, moisturize his paws, oil his scales, or (in Zombie’s case) reach that last level of his favorite video game. You’ll never feel smothered—except occasionally by his awesome wings, but that’s okay, right?


Meet Gena Showalter!

Gena ShowalterGena Showalter is the New York Times and USA Today bestselling author of over 30 books, ranging from white-hot paranormal romances set all over the world (and even in some places that do not technically exit), sexy contemporary novels and thrilling young adult novels.

Contact Info
Social Media: Facebook | Twitter

Want to purchase Gena’s novels?

  1. Intertwined at Amazon | Book Depository
  2. Unraveled at Amazon | Book Depository
  3. Twisted at Amazon | Book Depository

Angels of the Dark

  1. Wicked Nights at Amazon | Book Depository

Tales of an Extra-ordinary Girl

  1. Playing with Fire at Amazon | Book Depository
  2. Twice as Hot at Amazon | Book Depository

Atlantis Series Bundle at Amazon
The Alien Huntress Bundle at Amazon
The Darkest Facts at Amazon
Into the Dark (omnibus) at Amazon | Book Depository
Lords of the Underworld Bundle at Amazon
Dating the Undead at Amazon | Book Depository

Meet Jill Monroe!

Jill MonroeJill Monroe is an award winning author of 10 novels. She lives in Oklahoma with her husband and children. When not writing, Jill spends her days thinking of ways to avoid cleaning, and finding the recipe that will please everyone in the family.”

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Social Media: Facebook | Twitter | GoodReads

Want to purchase Jill’s novels?
Dating the Undead at Amazon | Book Depository
Never Naughty Enough at Amazon | Book Depository
Tall, Dark and Filthy Rich at Amazon | Book Depository
Sealed and Delivered at Amazon | Book Depository
SEALed with a Kiss at Amazon | Book Depository
Lord of Rage at Amazon | Book Depository
Endless Summer at Amazon | Book Depository
Share the Darkness at Amazon | Book Depository
Hitting the Mark at Amazon | Book Depository
Primal Instincts at Amazon | Book Depository

Contest Time!

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  1. I am SOOO getting this book!!! What fun!! I can’t wait until August to see if I win (buying it this weekend.) But the tenth reason we love immortals?
    10. When they say they’ll love you forever, they really mean, FOREVER!

  2. Their line of work may require them to do a lot of travelling and therefore own many properties around the world. You’ll never be bored visiting one cabin, villa, mansion or picket-house fence around the world.

  3. Thanks for the fabulous post and giveaway! LOL.. I *must* read this book :)

    I’d have to say #10 is: no more annoying “Guy’s Night Out” that lasts all night b/c most immortals are loners and don’t need guy time to reaffirm their masculinity.

  4. when they mate that’s it for them. No straying and with all the practice they had before hand well you get the beneift of that. Win Win imo.
    scrtsbpal at yahoo dot com

  5. Hopefully they’ve lived long enough to have figured out what not to do and say in tricky situations….That could save a lot of hurt feelings and bruised hearts.

  6. #10 – You never have to fight over the thermostat. Immortals don’t have to worry about getting too cold or hot which means you can keep the house as warm as you like. A wolf shifter might be too warm but they can always lose a few layers of clothing. ;)

  7. #10: After living so long, they know what’s really important. No more dealing with petty problems!

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  8. 10th, hmmm they have had probaly ever agruement and not really interested in doing them over ;)

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