Look Who’s Going to RT: Julie Ann Walker

Julie Ann WalkerCan you introduce yourself to my readers a little?
My name is Julie Ann Walker and I grew up in a house full of women – I have three older sisters. As you can imagine, there was no lack of drama… or romance. My mother enrolled me in a book club as soon as I began reading and it was the small spark that ignited my voracious appetite for the written word. And perhaps it was because of my early immersion in literature that I found writing came quite naturally. So during my college years, I searched for a challenge. I found that challenge in equations and logarithms and derivatives. After receiving my degree, I began teaching advanced high school mathematics. And even though I loved working with the students and experiencing the joys of the classroom, I longed for the occasional snow day when I could race to the local book store, buy two or three new novels, and curl up in front of the fire to read for an entire day. It wasn’t until a fortuitous move to Chicago that I once more returned to my first passion. Thankfully, my husband – my own personal hero – didn’t bat a lash when the staid mathematician he married suddenly announced she wanted to write full time. When I’m not writing, I enjoy camping, hiking, cycling, cooking, travel, walking my fat, happy Labrador Retriever, and…reading, of course!

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Can you introduce us to the world that you have created?
I write a romantic suspense series called Black Knights Inc. Think 007 meets Sons of Anarchy. My guys – hot guys! – are a group of ex-military men who’ve banded together to form their own clandestine government defense firm which masquerades as a custom motorcycle shop. They are motorcycle mechanics by day and Uncle Sam’s last resort by night. My series debuts August 7th with HELL ON WHEELS, quickly followed by the next two books in the series in the subsequent months. So if you like flying bullets, cool motorcycles, super-sexy alpha heroes who know how to handle their guns – nudge, nudge, wink, wink, and the kick-butt women who fall for them, come and see me at RT and we’ll dish.

Will this be your first RT or are you a veteran? Any advice for those who are going for the first time?
This is my first time at RT, and I must admit I’m uber excited. Some of my favorite authors are going to be there and I fully intend to be that annoying – squee! – fan-girl.

Are you speaking on any panels during RT? Are there any you are looking forward to?
I’m not participating in any panels as I just want to immerse myself in the experience as a reader before I jump in head first next year as an author. I do plan to attend The Faces of Romantic Suspense panel since Cindy Gerard will be there. Join me and lets marvel at her glory together!

If someone were wanting to meet up with you at RT, who should they look for?
If you’re looking for me at RT, just listen for the high-pitched squee! That will be me meeting one of my favorite authors. Seriously, though, be on the lookout for the slightly bottom-heavy gal walking around in a daze with a loopy grin on her face because she CANNOT BELIEVE SHE’S ACTUALLY AN AUTHOR!

RT Chicago

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