Hold Me If You Can by Stephanie Rowe

SRowe-Hold Me If You CanI need to start off by saying I am a huge fan of Stephanie Rowe. I have loved everything she’s written. That is, until I read Hold Me If You Can. It was the first, and hopefully only, book by Stephanie Rowe that I wasn’t able to finish.

WITHOUT HER PASSIONS, SHE HAS NO MAGIC… It’s unfortunate for Natalie that Nigel Aquarian is so compelling. With his inner demons, his unbridled heat, and his “I will conquer you” looks, he calls to her in exactly the way that nearly killed her. BUT LOSING CONTROL MEANS LOSING HER LIFE… That he’s an immortal warrior and that her powers rise from intense passions would seem to make them a match made in heaven, but unless they embrace their greatest fears, they’ll play out their final match in hell.

I suppose every author has at least one book that flops, Hold Me If You Can wasn’t merely a flop, it was a trainwreck. She tried to create a more emotional book while still keeping the humor from the previous two books in the series. Instead of making me empathize with the characters while laughing hysterically, I was confused, annoyed and frustrated with the entire story and finally gave up a little less than halfway through.

I was mostly confused by the plot. Natalie had managed to survive the deebub’s curse (that was essentially the plot of Touch if You Dare). But for some reason more deebub’s were trying to kill her. Then there was something with Nigel and his art (it turned evil) and he thought the only person who could help him was Natalie. I don’t even know what was going on. Like I said before, I was confused and gave up less than halfway through, before anything major really happened.

Natalie was emotionally scarred because her her mother and sisters were all killed by the deedub’s curse. She was also stubborn to the point of being bang-my-head-against-the-wall annoying. Nigel wasn’t much better. He tried to keep his persona of always being calm and relaxed yet he kept getting angry and frustrated. It kind of felt like he was bipolar.

I do have to say, though, there was some chemistry between Natalie and Nigel. It wasn’t explosive, but it kind of sparked. I don’t know if that spark turned into something hotter or not, but Stephanie Rowe knows how to get that hot factor even hotter.

As I’ve continually said throughout this review, I love Stephanie Rowe. It kills me that I had to write this bad review. If you’ve never read anything by Stephanie Rowe, go read any of her other books. If you’ve only read Hold Me If You Can, go read any of her other books. Trust me, they’re all a million times better. I wouldn’t mind giving out recommendations, if anyone is interested in learning more about her other books.

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Hold Me If You Can

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