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Contest WinnersRight now, LE doesn’t have any contests going on, but get ready for a slightly awesome one in July. The RT Posters, and I have two of them this time, are still waiting for good homes.  We’ll be giving away one of them during a NAC Mini-Challenge starting July 1st and if you want to see what’s in store, just check out the RT Board Challenge from 2010.  We’ll be doing a second Mini-Challenge in August for the second one. Want to see the posters I’m talking about, then click here and here.

Make sure you come back tomorrow to meet the fabulous Hanna Martine, who is getting ready to launch her debut novel, Liquid Lies. Next week, LE will have visits by Jocelynn Drake, who will be interviewing Gage from The Asylum Interviews: Bronx, Aaron Ritchey, author of Never Prayer, and Stephanie Julian, author of Goddess in the Middle.

Now on to the winners….


I had the fabulous Jenn Bennett on Literary Escapism discussing Authenticity in Urban Fantasy. While she was here, we gave away two copies of Summoning the Night. In order to enter, all anyone had to do was answer: Do you like it when an author pays attention to the details or are you not bothered by authenticity in an UF novel? Now, without further ado, the winner is:

JENNIFER W who said: I like when the author is authentic, but it is also nice when an author gets creative.

KRISTIN (from My Parahangover) who said: I love authenticity in a novel! I love it when an author (like Jenn) goes out and does research and finds crazy history that she can base her writing on. Aleister Crowley and texts like the Lesser Key of Solomon?! Holy cow, sounds awesome! How in the world do you go about finding something like that? Oh, right… Google.

But take that history, twist it a little, and I’m just fine! Actual geographical places, as in states and regions, I get sticky on because I’ve been all over and I love to read a book and say, “I know where they’re talking about!” But that’s my own quirk.

Twist a history lesson, I’m there! Thanks for the great post! I’m 43 and I still act dumb and stupid like a 25 year old, just with a little more responsibility and less tolerance for alcohol :)

Congratulations Jennifer and Kristin!


I have already contacted the winners and have heard from them, so yea!

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