Z World Detroit – Hell Yeah!

Z World DetroitA zombie theme park in Detroit? Oh hell yeah.  That sounds wickedly awesome.  According to Blastr, it could happen. There’s been a proposal to turn some of the more abandoned sections of Detroit into this theme park, but only if enough money can be raised (via indiegogo).

Z World Detroit
There are formal proposals to essentially abandon some of Detroit’s neighborhoods.
That’s not a solution. Collectively we must be more creative than that.
Here’s an idea that will turn the tables on blight. Not only will this idea turn a blighted area into an asset, a portion of the ticket revenue will go to a fund to demolish abandoned buildings throughout the city. Blight will fight blight!
Here’s an idea to start something fun and unique that will revitalize an area while creating some jobs for Detroiters.

In order for Z World Detroit to happen, they need to raise $145,00 by August 10th and they’ve only managed to raise $6000. If you think this should happen, then may I suggest donating a dollar? So what do you think?  Would you go to a zombie theme park?

Here’s the sweet video proposal that’s been submitted:

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  1. This. Is. Awesome.

    Even the idea of this is amazing. I need to emigrate to Detroit. lol. Or maybe the less-extreme just take a holiday. :-D

    I think, to make it even better, there should be a media outlet selling strictly zombie themed dvds and books. :-)


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