Exclusive Excerpt: The Care and Feeding of Stray Vampires by Molly Harper

Molly HarperToday I’m excited to be able to share an exclusive excerpt from Molly Harper’s new novel, The Care and Feeding of Stray Vampires.

Iris Scanlon, Half-Moon Hollow’s only daytime vampire concierge, knows more about the undead than she’d like. Running all their daylight errands–from letting in the plumber to picking up some chilled O neg–gives her a look at the not-so-glamorous side of vampire life. Her rules are strict; relationships with vamps are strictly business, not friendship–and certainly not anything else. But then she finds her newest client, Cal, poisoned on his kitchen floor, and only Iris can help.

Cal – who would be devastatingly sexy, if Iris allowed herself to think that way – offers Iris a hefty fee for hiding him at her place until he figures out who wants him permanently dead. Even though he’s imperious, unfriendly and doesn’t seem to understand the difference between “employee” and “servant,” Iris agrees, and finds herself breaking more and more of her own rules to help him – particularly those concerning nudity. Turns out what her quiet little life needed was some intrigue & romance–in the form of her very own stray vampire.

Make sure you stick around to the end. We’ll be giving away a copy of The Care and Feeding of Stray Vampires to one lucky reader.

Exclusive Excerpt: The Care and Feeding of Stray Vampires

“I do not like being used for your amusement,” I spat.

“And don’t pretend you were doing it out of some urge to stick up for me or protect yourself. What happened to keeping a low profile? Not letting anyone know you’re here?”

“Does your Lilliputian ex-paramour have any contacts in the vampire world?” he asked.

I threw up my hands, which caused the support I held against his shoulders to disappear. He adjusted, pushing me against the door. I could feel the warmth pooling between my thighs as I slid down his length. My breath caught, and I braced my hands against his arms. I cleared my throat, searching for a steady voice. “Again with the short jokes.”

“Does he?”

I sighed. “No, Paul doesn’t have anything to do with vampires. He didn’t like that I worked with vampires. He was always worried that I would get hurt. By the way, slumping your shoulders and adopting a hick accent does not amount to a ‘human impersonation.’”

“It’s worked before.”

“It’s insulting.”

Cal pursed his lip, his eyes twinkling. “Are you sure you’re not upset because I made Paul think you’re unavailable?”

I jabbed my finger into his bare chest. “You know, I was completely happy before you showed up. My life wasn’t much, but it was mine. And when I’m no longer useful to you, you’re going to leave. And you’ll forget that I even existed.”

This would have been a really good time to walk away. But it’s really difficult to storm off when you’re straddling someone.

I tried to wriggle my way to my feet, but Cal held me fast against the door. He leaned closer, and I shied away.

His mouth closed over mine, taking the air from my lungs. He pinned me to the door with his hips, and his hands slid up to my face. His rough, cool palms cradled my cheeks.

He tilted his forehead against mine. “That’s what you think?”

Before I could answer, his tongue glided easily over my lips, teasing them open. His mouth was cool and surprisingly fresh, although there was a subtle undertone of copper in his kiss. My knees sagged at the soft, insistent pressure that pulled my tongue past his lips. His hands slipped into my hair, pulling my face higher and closer to his as he pressed me back against the wall. Biting gently on my bottom lip, he nipped and nuzzled down the line of my chin to my ear.

I’d never kissed a vampire before. The lips were firmer and cooler, and the absence of breath against my skin was odd. I worried that I was too human, too weak, too plain. But soon even that thought evaporated into the ether, and every cell in my body fired for the sake of keeping me upright and attached to Cal’s mouth. The slide of cool flesh against mine and the rasp of teeth against my lip were soft and affectionate. He was coaxing a response from me, teasing me into relaxing against him. He pressed a kiss to my chin. His hand slid under my shirt and over my ribs, up to cup the weight of my breast in his palm.

I was trying to figure out how to reach for his zipper in this position when I heard an exaggerated throat clearing behind me, from the kitchen door.

“So, are we still claiming that we’re just business acquaintances?”

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  1. I want whoever interrupted them to go away so the smexy can continue!! Also, I want this book in my hands like yesterday. Molly is one of my top favorite authors!

  2. AWESOME! Thanks so much for the excerpt! I can’t believe I fell so behind in this series! Definitely going to have to play catch up.

    I agree w/ KT… whoever interrupted them such go away!

    Thanks for the great excerpt and giveaway!

  3. I think Iris is going to use the excuse to scramble away and get some distance, leaving the sexual tension in the air, bothering both of them until their next encounter. Fun!

  4. Cute title!

    She’ll probably play it cool and blame the incident on momentarily letting her guard down. It’s still back to square one as far as she’s concerned!

  5. I just read the How to Flirt with a Naked Warewolf and really liked it. (I tent to throw so many books at the wall lately!) A nice unique touch to the undead and the shifty. Oh yes – my kind of sit down for five minutes and unwind kinda book!

  6. YES!!!!

    An excerpt!!
    God, I´ve been waiting and waiting and waiting… ;)

    I´ve had july 31th marked in my caledar for what seems to be an eternity! :D

  7. oh man am I thrilled Molly has a new book! I can’t get enough of her work.

    I think Ellie Heller has the right idea. Iris will move away from Cal and be really embarrassed!

  8. What she’ll probably do is move away from him. What I WISH she would do is tell whoever it is to go away so that the smexy times could continue. Loved the excerpt, definitely want to read this. I love Molly’s humor.

  9. Iris, having just found the zipper, clearly able to feel Cal’s, um…interest, will freeze in mortification while Cal will look over Iris’ shoulder and say to the person who interrupted them:

    “This is business…our business. Now get out.”

  10. I think whomever interrupted them was probably looking for Cal, and Iris will use the opportunity to escape while mentally berating herself for falling so easily to his charms.

  11. Ok. I think the person that asks is an employee (not her ex). She proceeds to push him away and make an excuse about either knowing the person was there or trying to throw her ex off his game. :)

  12. Thanks for excerpt! So excited for this to come out! My guess is that the interruption is the end of all the yummy kissing. ;)

  13. I think whoever interrupted should hit the road because that scene was hot and it needs to continue!


  14. Yes we’re business associates! We’re practising how to restrain a client that’s behind on their payments and needs a little incentive to bring their account up to date!

  15. I’ve read Harper’s other books and knowing her writing style, Iris’ startled reaction will lead to Cal being accidentally injured and Iris will excuse the whole mess away.

  16. “Don’t mind me, honey. Iris is due to a bit of action. I’m pretty sure that last boyfriend of hers had stature issues in more than one department. You could do well retrieving that stick up her ass. No offense, sweetheart.” This was all said in one exaggerated purr of a tone and a slow drag of black-tinted eyes across Cal’s long frame.
    “Cal, meet my mother, Heather.” Iris said, rolling her eyes.

    I love Molly Harper’s books! She’s one of those relatable authors that you wish you could be best friends with! lol

  17. Im looking forward to finding out what really happens next. But my guess is it is quite an awkward yet funny conversation.

    bacchus76 at myself dot com

  18. I’m guessing that she says to the person who is behind her that they are still business acquaintances, obviously she is not making out with them!

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