Double Down by Katie Porter

KPorter-Double DownIf you are on the lookout for a hot, steamy book, to spice up your day, I have found one for you!  Double Down by Katie Porter will blow your…knickers off.

Desire as reckless as a fighter jet in freefall…and just as dangerous. 

As part of the 64th Aggressor Squadron, Major Ryan “Fang” Haverty flies like the enemy to teach Allied pilots how not to die. The glittering excess of the Strip can’t compare to the glowing jet engines of his F-16. But a sexy, redheaded waitress in seamed stockings? Now she gets his blood pumping.

Cassandra Whitman’s good-girl ways haven’t earned any slack from her manager ex-boyfriend, or prevented a bad case of frazzle from holding down two and a half jobs. She sure wouldn’t mind letting the handsome Southern charmer shake up her routine.

Their wild weekend lives up to Sin City’s reputation. Especially when they discover a matched passion for roleplaying. For Cass, it’s an exciting departure from her normal, shy persona. But for Ryan, it triggers memories of a time when his fetish drove away the woman he loved–leaving him reluctant to risk a repeat performance.

Except Cass refuses to settle for ordinary ever again. She’s about to show the man with hair-trigger hands that she’s got a few surprise moves of her own.

Warning: This book contains dirty-hot roleplaying, featuring an all-alpha fighter pilot and an ambitious waitress with a fabulous imagination. Also: dressing-room sex, a plaid schoolgirl skirt, and a sprinkling of spankings.

Either I have seen/read that many books since reading the synopsis or I never really read it, because Double Down took me by complete surprise.  I was not expecting the level of steamy sex that is in this book.  Most of the book is sex, seriously just Ryan and Cassandra getting it on.  It’s just one steamy role playing encounter after another.  These aren’t boring sexcapades either my friends, it is HOT HOT HOT, well written, adventurous sex.  You will find zero complaints from me in this department.

However, with all this sex you really don’t get to know the characters.  There isn’t a lot of character building or the building of their relationship. This is a huge shame because I really liked the characters.  Ryan is a Major of United States Air Force, flying M-16’s!  How sexy cool is that?  You don’t get to see what he does though or really see him in danger other than old war stories.  You see him flying one time but it’s nothing exciting.  You see him giving out a good tongue lashing to some cadets, but other than that, his job as an instructor and fighter pilot is just a conversation piece.  You do see that he’s confident, he’s kind and generous, he’s a good guy with a good heart who just so happens to be a fantastic lover who is ashamed to admit that he likes kinky, role playing sex.

Cassandra starts out a bit iffy, she’s not adventurous or one to step out of line.  She comes across as someone who follows the rules, and keeps her mouth shut whenever she disagrees with a situation.  But after meeting Ryan, she turns into this sex fiend who tries on lingerie in a sex shop and screwing a stranger’s brains out in the dressing room.  Suddenly she has an opinion, she stands up for herself and takes the steps to follow her dream.   It’s rather interesting to watch, but it could have been so much more had there been a little less sex and more insight into her growth.

I really enjoyed Ryan’s friends–Leah and Jon, and Gilly who was Cass’ friend.  I wish we had seen more of them as they were very funny and seemed to be a group of life of the party type characters.

With that said, Double Down is obviously meant for spicy entertainment only as there wasn’t much of a plot.  On that X-rated level, it’s perfect.  It has everything you want/need.  Adventurous sex that most wouldn’t have the nerve to try.  Steamy details of everything that goes on under the sheets.  All while in Las Vegas, which is just one big play room for adults.   It was sad that there wasn’t a plot but it isn’t truly expected for erotic novels, and honestly, wasn’t missed on my part thanks to all that crazy sex.  The book did what it was supposed to, entertain me with adventure…of course that was all wrapped up in school girl outfits and phone sex.

While this isn’t a down to your soul romance novel, it is one that will perk up your day in no time flat.  Even without all the character building and heart to the story, I highly, highly, recommend Double Down by Katie Porter (which if you didn’t know is the writing team of Carrie Lofty and Lorelie Brown).  It’s going on my shelf of naughty books; it should be on yours too!

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