A Virginal Goth Girl

I was reading Alpha Heroes today when I noticed she was talking about an article that was recently published in the New York Times. A Virginal Goth Girl by Gail Collins talks about the recent rise to fame of the series and the impact it, and other like novels, are having on the younger generations relationships. Here are two quotes that I thought were amusing…

  1. Before you make fun of this, I want you to seriously consider whether you’re interested in denigrating people who spend their leisure time actually reading books rather than watching “America’s Got Talent.”
  2. A generation of guys who will settle for nothing less than a porn star meets a generation of women who expect their boyfriend to crawl through their bedroom window at night and just nuzzle gently until they fall asleep.

The first quote works for anything in any genre out there. There are always people saying “why do you read that rubbish” or “what’s the draw of that?”. I have to agree with Ms. Collins….what’s the draw of American Idol or America’s Got Talent?

But what I find even more interesting is her take on the relationship between Edward and Bella. I never really thought about it before, but she’s kind of right. There’s been a role reversal and it’s the male who is actually taking responsibility for the sexual interaction. That’s not normally the case, especially when you include vampires into the mix.

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