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SGrace-ChosenI adore Greek mythology and Sable Grace’s Dark Breed series is chalk full of it.  I’ve been able to read all 3 books back to back and it was awesome! Chosen is the third and final book and I’m sad there isn’t more coming.  Warning….there may be small spoilers from Ascension and Bedeviled.

She was a Dark Breed—half Vampyre, half Lychen. Now she is chosen . . .

Kyana is the new Goddess of the Hunt, chosen for her determination to survive as much as for her passion to protect those she loves. Now, just when she’s finally ready to shed her past and let the one man who really matters into her heart, an evil has resurrected, and only Kyana stands in its way.

But Ryker, as the new Zeus, will not let her fight alone. It has taken him too long to convince Kyana they belong together for him to lose her. And if it means descending into the depths of Hades to make the ultimate sacrifice, then so be it. The fate of the world is at stake, and for Kyana and Ryker, no fight has ever been more personal.

I love Kyana as a heroine.  She is gutsy and doesn’t mind jumping into the fray…nevermind that she’s now the replacement for Artemis, Goddess of the Hunt…and should she die, there’s no one to take that position.  In fact, not only doesn’t she mind…she insists.  Kyana is far from perfect and has doubts and insecurities just like any “normal” being.  Her past is wrought with tragedy and she doesn’t want anyone’s sympathy.  In her mind, she feels she was able to overcome and become better; but she still hides and doesn’t trust easily.

She has a hard time letting anyone in or admitting to herself, and others, what she truly feels for them.  It was this last bit that on occasion grated me.  She refused over and over to not only admit how much she cared for and valued her friends, despite her actions to the contrary, but continued to push away Ryker, who’d more than shown he didn’t care about her past or what she was or had become.  Rather, he loved her for her.  To see that tension remain and not really get a resolution until near the end was a bit frustrating.  Yes, this is urban fantasy so that romantic HEA isn’t guaranteed, but one can hope.  Thankfully, you do get a resolution on this front, but I’m not telling. I will also say that Ky’s journey gets wrapped up as well.  Also, it was so much fun getting to see her grow, finally understand herself, and really move beyond her dark past.

Chosen was fast paced and well written.  Although she left me heartbroken, Ms. Grace did a beautiful job tying up the many loose ends. As the main and final battle between the Order and Cronos comes to a head, you know there will be casualties; these things, they happen in a bloody, nasty fight. There’s simply no way around it.  But there are some casualties that surprised me and simply broke my heart, especially for Ky.

All in all I couldn’t have asked any more from Chosen. From start to finish, it was exciting, well-paced and brought a great resolution to a fantastic story.  If you’re an urban fantasy fan and haven’t yet checked out the Dark Breed series, go!! If you’ve already read the first 2 stories, I promise you will not be disappointed with Chosen and the end to Ky’s story.

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