A Werewolf and his computer…

There are always questions as to what Urban Fantasy is. I don’t think anyone has actually come up with a universal recognized definition, but I think Terry Spear has a definition that I can totally see.

To me, it is mythical, fantastical creatures living in our contemporary times…Think of the hero, werewolf extraordinaire, working on his computer. It’s urban fantasy.

That’s it, don’t you think? Afterall, don’t we look for something to shock, surprise us in our everyday lives and what else could do it like a good werewolf or vampire? Terry really goes into more detail and if this topic interests you, then you really need to get over there and read her arguments.


Rachel Caine fans should go over and check out her site. She has a contest up where she is giving away a Warden inspired necklace to five lucky people who go out and buy Gale Force early. If you want to see the necklace, than go check out her 7/24 post.

Check out this artist. Jessica Galbreth is really fantastic. There’s a lot of the gothic in her work and I really like that. Again, thank you Amber for showing me the light. Another artist Amber has shown me is Amber Brown. I’m going to have to explore both of these artist sites, but at first glance, really nice artwork going on.

For an early look at Marta Acosta’s The Bride of Casa Dracula, check out Amber’s review.

In True Blood news, I just found a new site with a bunch of True Blood news. It has a bunch of appearance pictures on it, well not many, but more than I’ve seen anyplace else. There is also an episode guide with a description for the first episode, Strange Love. I also happened to stumble across this HBO trailer and another new site that seems to have a lot more info. I’m not sure who’s running it, but it seems pretty comprehensive.

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