Make sure you head over to Amber’s and wish her a Happy 30th. I still have about 18 months before that joyous occasion myself, but I’m so not looking forward to it. I know it’s just a number, but there’s something about turning 30 that makes me feel old. Do you remember when 20 was old? God, I would love to turn 20 again. ;)


  • Jim Butcher, author of the Dresden Files, by during ComicCon
  • Nathasha Rhodes, author of The Last Angel,
  • Angie Fox, author of The Accidental Demon Slayer, by Danette’s Chatting Lounge
  • Jeri Smith-Ready, author Wicked Game, by Jon Armstrong
  • Joss Whedon, creator of the upcoming Dollhouse and the recent Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Aong Blog by Hollywood Reporter
  • Kristen Stewart, who plays Bella in Twilight, by Premiere

If you were one of the lucky ones that went to Conestoga, than you probably don’t want to see Urban Fantasy Land’s recap of the event. But not all of us were as lucky, so here are some other posts about the event as well.

Urban Fantasy Land is taking a look at some great opening lines from some of their favorite UF novels. They have quite a collection, but I think I’m going to add to it because how could you forget these great novels…

  • Keri Arthur – Full Moon Rising – The night was quiet. Almost too quiet. Though it was after midnight, it was a Friday night, and Friday nights were usually party nights – at lease for those of us who were single and not working night shift.
  • Anya Bast – Witch Fire – He looked like sin and seemed like salvation. Salvation for her sluggish libido, anyway.
  • Ilona Andrews – Magic Bites – I sat at a table in my shadowy kitchen, staring down a bottle of Boone’s Farm Hard Lemonade, when a magic fluctuation hit. My wards shivered and died, leaving my home stripped of its defenses.
  • Karen Chance – Touch the Dark – I knew I was in trouble as soon as I saw the obituary. The fact that it had my name on it was sort of a clue.
  • Nalini Singh – Slave to Sensation – Sascha Duncan couldn’t read a single line of the report flickering across the screen of her handheld organizer. A haze of fear clouded her vision, insulating her from the cold efficiency of her mother’s office.
  • Jenna Black – The Devil Inside – Topeka, Kansas. Demon capital of the world. Not!
  • Jacquelyn Frank – Jacob – How ridiculously simple it would be to cause them harm. From far above, he watched with unwavering dark eyes as they walked down the shadowy street.
  • MaryJanice Davidson – Undead and Unwed – The day I died started out bad and got worse in a hurry.
  • Larissa Ione – Pleasure Unbound – Had Eidolon been anywhere but the hospital, he would have killed the guy pleading for his life before him. As it was, he’d have to save the bastard.
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