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I am so psyched to say that Shiloh Walker is here today.  Seriously, having Shiloh talking about excitement on LE just goes to reinforcing my excitement for reading and supporting my favorite authors.  Especially when they say they’ll write a guest post for LE when I throw on my facebook status that I have a hole in my schedule.  The fact that it was that easy to strike up a conversation still floors me, plus I found out that she’s working on a sequel to Through the Veil.

Anyway, please welcome Shiloh to the floor today and make sure you stick around.  We have another lovely contest going on and you’ll get to find out something new.


I love it when I’m excited about a story. Some stories I’m really excited over…like Through the Veil. I was very jazzed over that one. Maybe Fragile.

Other stories, I’m not so excited. It’s not that I don’t like them, it’s more that…well, they don’t come as easy. Like the book I finished early this spring, Broken. Broken is the follow up to Fragile and the hero…well, we’ll just say that I had some definite ideas about what I wanted from the story. Quinn had other ideas. I didn’t win. He fought me tooth and nail and the one thing that excited me over his story was finishing it.

Other stories I’ll have moments of excitement. Usually on that downhill slide right before I’m done. Sometimes right when I’m starting. But I rarely have a story going that has me excited from the beginning and it just stays right with me. I’m working one now that’s like that. From the moment I started, I was jazzed about it. I’m about 2/3 done-it’s going to be a shorter story, probably novella length, maybe a little longer. But still, excitement from beginning to end-it’s a good thing.

The tentative title is Candy Houses – sounds kind of weird, probably. Makes sense in context with the story. But until I’m closer to done, I’m not talking much about it.

However, the possibility for future stories in that world are infinite. Well, not infinite. But it’s definitely a long list.

It’s a paranormal, which isn’t anything new, but it’s still different for me. There aren’t any vamps or weres in it, and I don’t think there will be. I’ve got this very clear, very concrete idea for how this series could go – I’m rarely clear or concrete so yet another reason why I’m excited.

This is one of those stories that remind me why I write. It’s something I’m writing for the sheer fun of it. Hopefully others will enjoy reading it as much as I’m enjoying writing it.

Thank you Shiloh for stopping by Literary Escapism.

Contest Time! We’re giving away an autographed novel off of Shiloh’s backlist to a lucky commentator and it’s very easy to enter. All you have to do is answer this simple questions: What stories have you been excited about, whether they are yours or not? For me, I’m excited to know there’s another Veil novel coming out.  I’m also excited for Branded by Fire.

The contest is open to everyone, so everyone overseas can join in the fun as well; but just as an FYI, shipping the book will take about 4-6 weeks due to Shiloh’s writing schedule and I don’t know about you guys, but I want her to keep writing.  :)

As always, if you want more chances to win, you can post about today’s contest on your blog, social network, or anywhere you can. Digg it, stumble it, twit it, share it with the world. Wherever you share it, make sure you add a link to it along with your answer (in the same post). The more places you share it, the more entries you get.

For 2 more entries, purchase one of Shiloh Walker’s previous novels (Through the Veil, Chains, Fragile, The Missing, etc) through LE’s Amazon store sometime during this contest and send a copy of the receipt VIA email for your purchase to: myjaxon AT gmail DOT com.

Join the Literary Escapism Facebook page and you’ll get an additional entry (for each page). Make sure you leave a comment so I know that’s why you’re joining. Only new readers to the group will be considered.

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I’ll determine the winner with help from the Research Randomizer. All entries must be in by midnight on June 23rd.

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  1. Yeah! I’m excited there will be a sequal(s) to Through the Veil! Really loved that one :)

    Right now I’m most excited about S.J. Day’s Marked series; especially about getting to read the third book when it comes out on June 30th. I’m also equally psyched about Nalini Singh’s new Guild Hunters series, so I can’t wait until the next book in that series comes out. I suppose I’ll just have to tide myself over with Branded by Fire. LOL!

    I’m going to Lora Leigh’s RAW too, so I’m really excited about reading new (to me) authors and finding new auto-buys like Maya Banks. FYI, Shiloh Walker was my newly discovered auto-buy when reading authors from last years RAW!

  2. Great post. I have quite a list of must read authors but I am always super excited for a new In Death book by JD Robb or a new Broken Heart book by Michelle Bardsley.

  3. Hi ,
    I’m excited about the new book in the Outlander series by Diana Gabaldon and the new George RR Martin book.

  4. Hi Shiloh! Cool on the sequel to VEIL!! I so am looking forward to that one! I ordered FRAGILE so i’m still waiting for that to arrive for me. Thanks for the tease on CANDY HOUSE! Now I got to wait to hear more, LOL.

    I’m so looking forward to more of Pamela Palmer’s Feral Warriors series! I’m reading the first one now and wow! Next month is the second one, OBSESSION UNTAMED. That’s just one of many I’m looking foward to. I love getting all the recommendations here too!

    I posted this on my blog at I’m gonna put it on Facebook as soon as I figure out how to, LOL. I still don’t understand how to post on Twitter (to everyone and then how to send a individual mail. I made alot of mistakes trying already, LOL) I get the newsletter for Literacy Escapism! And I’m both at your FaceBook group and page! Whew! So I’d love to be counted in for this contest. Thanks!

  5. So you know, I figured out how to share on MySpace, but it ended up with another authors name instead of Shiloh, so the info to share is wrong from that button. Thought I’d let you know. I tried with my

  6. I’m awaiting a couple of Lora Leigh books, her next breed book as well as the next unbound hearts book. Another is Joanna Wylde’s next Surellian book.

    BTW – I read two books today, one of them was Hunter’s Pride!

  7. I look forward to Dorthea Benton Frank’s novels because I know the area she writes about.


  8. *Really* want to read Chains! Haven’t found it yet in brick and mortar; I might have to amazon it. Can’t wait to see Branded by Fire, Atlantis Unmasked, the new Julia Quinn; Covet & Lover Mine (sadly a long ways away), Sword of the Lady by SM Stirling (although I’m not quite caught up in the series yet, so that wait isn’t so painful) AND An Echo in the Bone from Gabaldon.

  9. Shiloh Congrats on your books and great reviews!! Can’t wait to get my hands on Chains!!

    I love Sherrilyn Kenyon’s Dark Hunter series and get real excited when a new book in that series comes out, I even got a Bad Moon Tat!!. Others are LHK Anita & Merry series, Alyssa Day Atlantis Unmasked, JR Ward BDB and looking forward to her new one Covet, Fever series by Moning, Gena Showalter’s Lords of the underworld, Angie Fox, Jeaniene Frost (Bones!!). I’m sure I’m forgetting someone but these are my MUST have authors!!

  10. I’m sucked into the Dark Days Series by Jocelynn Drake… it is pretty new and I am holding my breath waiting to get my hands on the third book! I think this is more of a dark urban fantasy twist but I feel romance coming in somewhere/ at least a little sexual tension!

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