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TReisz-PrinceEver read a book or series that just leaves you in total awe? As in, it is just so great…and I mean every part of it…that it has you hanging on to every word, every scene? Well, Tiffany Reisz’s Original Sinners, and especially The Prince, is one of those for me. A big part of me just wants to shout “holy smokeballs, batman!” and urge you to just take my word for it and go buy, buy, buy. But, I should probably give you some good reasons, huh? *wink*

Two worlds of wealth and passion call to Nora Sutherlin and, whichever one she chooses, it will be the hardest decision she will ever have to make. Unless someone makes it for her…

Wes Railey is the object of Nora’s tamest yet most maddening fantasies, and the one man she can’t forget. He’s young. He’s wonderful. He’s also thoroughbred royalty and, reuniting with him in Kentucky, she’s in his world now. But this infamous New York dominatrix is no simpering Southern belle, and Nora’s dream of fitting into Wesley’s world is perpetually at odds with the relentlessly seductive pull of Søren—her owner, her lover, the forever she cannot have. At least, not completely.

Meanwhile Nora’s associate Kingsley Edge is only too happy to take her place at Søren’s feet during her hiatus. Søren is the only man Kingsley has ever loved, and their dark, shared history has forged a bond that neither the years—nor Søren’s love for Nora—can break. But a new threat from an old adversary is forcing Kingsley to confront the past, reminding him that he must keep his friends close, and his enemies closer.

Take note, The Prince is book 3 of the series and you will need to read The Siren and The Angel before you read The Prince. Each book builds from the information from the prior book, so just a heads up. Also, the Original Sinners series is more hardcore BDSM than most on the market right now. They can’t even compare to Fifty Shades of Grey or Bared to You. Reisz doesn’t shy away from the more physical aspects of BDSM play. She doesn’t shy away from the fact that Søren is a sadist and must inflict pain to achieve sexual gratification. I would also say that the series is more mentally stimulating and less focused on any romance. The Prince does have more romance than the previous two as you explore more of Nora’s relationship with Wesley and you see more of Søren and Kingsley’s relationship when they were younger and first met at school.

Again, The Prince is not your traditional romance. Nora isn’t a typical heroine who falls in love with one or two guys, gets married, has children and lives happily ever after. I’m not certain that the whole marriage/children thing is something Nora wants to have or will get. The Prince really focuses on Nora and Wesley and their relationship. You really don’t see Nora with Søren at all.

There are 2 main POVs throughout The Prince. You get Nora and Kingsley. What Nora focuses on should be obvious *wink*. Kingsley’s POV is from the past, when he was a youth and got sent to the boarding school in Maine where he meets Søren. You get more of their backstory and really learn a lot about Søren’s past. It was something I enjoyed, though I got really annoyed with Kingsley at times. There were parts where you see Kingsley and Søren in present time and it is during these times that I would get slightly annoyed with Kingsley. He kept trying to convince Søren that Nora wasn’t going to leave Wesley and come back to Søren. You’ll see why that bothered me, but I don’t want to spoil it for you. And you may disagree…

What really makes this whole series for me is Tiffany’s writing style, which is hugely intellectual, and the prose flows very well. While there’s not action in the traditional sense, the prose kept me rapt from beginning to end. That is no small feat. I usually need lots of action to keep my attention. The Prince (and the earlier novels) lack that; but the BDSM factor is much more real, I think than other novels on the market, that the focus on that, and the relationship between characters keeps my attention. Also, as someone who studied French for six years, I love all the little sayings en Francais that are thrown in.

I’ll be honest, the Original Sinners series has a certain je ne sais quoi factor to it, but whatever that “it” thing is, I love it. I want more. Don’t let the fact that Tiffany doesn’t shy aware from the harder aspects of BDSM turn you away (those rumors along with friends saying it was a mind *#&! kept me from reading sooner and man do I regret that!). I promise you that the overall story plot more than makes up for any uncomfortableness that those more violent scenes may cause. I highly recommend The Prince. If you’ve read The Siren and The Angel then I’m fairly certain you’re jonesing for The Prince already. If you’re new to the series, now is it the time to pick them up.

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The Siren
The Angel
The Prince

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  1. The books are shocking/surprising, way out of my comfort zone but WOW!!! You can’t stop thinking about them and trying to understand. The characterization is amazing. Very, very memorable!

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