Breaking Dawn by S. Meyer

The final novel in the Twilight saga by Stephenie Meyer, Breaking Dawn starts off with the wedding of Edward and Bella, which is kind of different in my opinion. How often do we get to read what happens after the wedding? Normally, that’s when the story ends, when the wedding takes place. At least for most blossoming romances, that’s the HEA. Regarding the actually story, I’m not really going to go into it for a change. I think if I were to give a synopsis, it would give away to many spoilers. Instead, let me say this…we have a wedding, a honeymoon, and a battle with the Volturi over an old law that is very much taboo.

Before I picked up the novel, I was hearing some things that were not very favorable about the novel. While I can agree that the story itself isn’t as memorable as the previous three novels, it’s still a very excellent contribution to this series. There were moments where I cried and couldn’t put the novel down. However, there were also times where it lagged and I had no problem putting it down. Meyer’s rhythm was a little off with this novel I think. The story itself is told in two perspectives. We’re given Bella’s first, then Jacob’s, and end with Bella’s. I can see what Jacob’s part was included because the plot device very much depended on the werewolves and their side had to be told and Bella wouldn’t have been able to do that.

Some people have even said that parts of the story were a little creepy and I really have to say, I don’t see it. There are a couple of Bella’s dreams that I could see that for, but why they were included in the novel, I’m not really sure. Nothing that Bella or anyone did even remotely resembled what her dreams were like and I don’t see the purpose for them. Although, I do kind of see one aspect that could be creepy, but it would give a lot away, so all I’ll say is it involves Jacob and occurs in the last third of the novel, when we return to Bella’s point of view.

Overall, I thought Breaking Dawn was good and I will be buying it to add to the series, but I can see how some people might have been disappointed. There were moments that seemed to go on and on for no apparent reason and others where the action was fast and over too quickly. Either way, definitely go out and read it if you’re a fan of Meyer and her Twilight series. I will say, if they continue to make all the novels into movies, as they are doing with Twilight, then I can’t wait until they get to Breaking Dawn. When they convert this novel into a movie, it has the potential to be spectacular.

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  1. I got a copy of this from Amazon (I pre-ordered) and then realised they were charging twice as much as another place I sometimes order books from. So seeing as Breaking Dawn (like Acheron) is not a carry around book I sent my copy back and I am waiting on my cheaper copy.

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