Prey by R. Vincent – the SPOILER edition

I finished reading Rachel Vincent’s new Shifter novel, Prey a couple of weeks ago and I’ve already posted my initial review.  However, I think I ended the first sentence with SERIOUSLY?!  Now that the book has been out for a week, I’m reposting the review, but with the spoiler stuff added at the end.  So don’t go past the “also reviewed by” section if you don’t want to read it.


Play? Right. My Pride is under fire from all sides, my father’s authority is in question, and my lover is in exile. Which means I haven’t laid eyes on Marc’s gorgeous face in months. And with a new mother and an I-know-everything teenager under my protection, I don’t exactly have time to fantasize about ever seeing him again.

Then our long-awaited reunion is ruined by a vicious ambush by strays. Now our group is under attack, Marc is missing, and I will need every bit of skill and smarts to keep my family from being torn apart. Forever.

I am having a few issues writing this review.  There are so many things I want to talk about, but since Prey doesn’t come out for another week (although Amazon appears to be shipping), I really don’t want to spoil it for anyone.  So expect a spoiler review after the first of July.

I have to say that I loved Prey.  I also cried through the last third of it.  Faythe is giving a lot of hurdles in this one or really two major ones that she has to come to terms with.  Through both of them, she realizes something important and something tells me we’ll see it for sure when Shift comes out next year.  I definitely saw how Faythe has grown and matured since Stray with what she does to deal with the problems she’s facing.  We really don’t get to see much of Marc, but since he’s missing, that shouldn’t be surprising.  Although, I do have to say that I am really intrigued by the new development in a certain character.  Let’s just say that one of our werecats goes through a life altering event and what is going to come next should prove fascinated.  Seriously. I can’t wait for that fight to start.

The story itself is kind of interesting.  It brings a whole new life to the Pride mentality and the obvious division between the various Alphas.  Lines are definitely drawn and power is being consolidated for what should be a really spectacular fight.  Everything behind Marc’s situation is more convoluted than what it seems and it definitely shows what some will do to get what they want.  A lot of Prey is setup for the events planned for Shift, but that’s not to say there isn’t any action.  On the contrary, we get some spectacular action shots and a lot of them have Faythe in the middle of it.

Seriously, you won’t be bored with Prey and you’ll end up crying or raging right along with Faythe.  Anyone reading this will want to have a box of tissues right next to them, especially if you’re a softie like I am, because I could have really used them.  I really really liked Prey, but there is still so much I want to talk about that I’m going to end it here before I give away too much.  Let’s just say, that if you’re a fan of this series, you cannot wait for the library.  Head to the bookstore and get this on June 30th (or as soon as you can).  I seriously started Prey this morning and haven’t been able to put it down, even knowing I have stuff to do this weekend.

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Has anyone else thought that the obvious answer to Marc’s banishment is marriage.  I know it doesn’t seem to be that spoilerish, but I’m leaving the heavy spoiler for last.  I mean, would the council still enforce his banishment if Faythe marries him?  What would happen if she did?  Would she be turned into a wildcat and have to live with him in the free territory or would he be welcome back into the Pride?

Also, why do I get the feeling that Faythe is going to assume the role of Alpha at the end of Shift?  Hell, considering some of the dialog she was having in her head, I almost thought she was going to do that at the end of Prey.  Although, after seeing what the current politically climate is, I am really hoping that she doesn’t get the position because her father is the next casualty.  It just makes sense that she will, however, since the last book in the series is called Alpha.

Now for the really spoiler part – Are you kidding me?!  Vincent actually kills off Ethan?  Of all the werecats to kill off, why did it have to be Ethan?  Okay, so maybe I can see how it triggers the reactions in Jace and bring about all that joyful new sexual tension that is going to take place between Faythe, Jace and Marc, but seriously, Ethan?  Of all the werecats, he was the one I wanted to see in a novella.  I wanted to see him get his HEA and the ending!  OMG.  That part I won’t spoil, but to add that on top of what happens to Ethan.  C’mon!  Talk about a new twist and I am really hoping the publisher pushed Shift to be released a lot sooner than next March.  Am I the only one who was upset at this death?

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  1. I thought that killing him off seemed like an attempt to manipulate readers’ emotions and wring some emotion from them. I didn’t actually think he had to be the one to die, other than the fact that the reader had been set up to be emotionally invested in him.

    Don’t get me wrong, I love the series, and I loved this book, but when I, as a reader, am thinking that as the event is happening, that’s not good.

    Or maybe I’m just naturally cynical :P

  2. I think his death was meant more as a catalyst for what is to come than for any emotional impact. Well, it was emotional, but that was just the nature.

  3. I admire an author when they are brave enough to kill off a well loved character, knowing full well that the readers won’t be happy. It can’t be done for no reason though, and I think she handled it very well. Are we supposed to be happy about it? No, but we never want those we care about to die, but it’s a fact of life and it would be unrealistic for the Pride to go through everything without casualty. Of course, I cried like a little girl at Ethan’s death (and then off and on through out the rest of the book), but it definitely set everything in motion for the war that is coming. And yes, don’t even get me started about the bombshell on the final page. Eek!

    I also agree that Faythe marrying Marc would solve a lot of problems (not that it’s a reason to marry, of course). And does anyone else think that maybe once they take Malone done (and they will take him down), that maybe Jace will go and be Alpha of that territory? The Pride can’t coexist with Faythe, Marc (who will, of course, come back) and Jace – not after everything that’s happened. And I still believe Faythe belongs with Mark, even as much as I love Jayce.

  4. As I told Rachel she made me cry and she emailed back that it seems to have everyone doing the same. Ethan was a much loved character and although a catalyst for Jace to move on his feelings for Faythe I am sure there is more to the story that we have yet to see. I too have the same premonitions of events unfolding as stated above but as Rachel has shown us in this book do not expect the obvious.

  5. I have to admit my eyes welled up when Ethan died. Then a little further along, once they were back in free territory, I ended up throwing the novel across the room in disguist at the author. I mean come on! All of Ethans behaviors, characteristics and dialog normal for him were rolled into Jace. Seemed like crutch killing a favorite character, but then using dialog Ethan would normally say coming from Jace. Then later it seemed like manipulation first loss of Jace by death creates strong emotion in readers. But hey his characteristics are now rolled into Jace; he isn’t really gone. So what happens when it comes down to Faythe choosing between Marc and Jace? Are we being manipulated by adding likable traits to a weaker character or setup for another loss?

    Given the contrived politics in the werecat world Faythe marrying Marc would cause the council to try and take her away, because her father can’t control her. Or as was said in the end of Pride if she went with Marc every tom would try to kill him to get at Faythe in the free territorries, without a pride.

    The entire world is built on the limitation of tabbies. Funny how a new, unknown female able to birth a werecat shows up in each novel!

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