New Science Fiction & Steampunk Feature: Queue the Quipster

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Queue the Quipster.300pxI have always been one to look for the hidden gems in reading; the science fiction book by an unknown author or the steampunk book that is from an indie publisher. Though my library is quite extensive, I continue to see countless books that I want to read and don’t know where to start! Oftentimes, I have relied upon the suggestions of friends and more recently, the other LE gals. However, I find myself always looking for those great science fiction and steampunk reads. It was from this that the idea for Queue the Quipster was born.

Coming in January, you get to choose what I read monthly and each Saturday will be a different aspect of Queue the Quipster so feel free to check in each week. I’ll be working on a monthly schedule – here’s the breakdown:

First Saturday of the Month: Nominations & Suggestion Circle! ~ This is when I get to hear what you want me to read. The only requirement is that books are in the science fiction or steampunk genres and are not a new release with preference to a year or more older. This is simply because I primarily review new releases and I’d like to highlight books that are not on the current bestseller list. The top three novels with the most nominations will be chosen for a standoff and on the second Saturday of the month, you’ll be able to vote on which one gets picked. So if you really want me to read your choice, get your friends to comment for it.  Then make sure everyone comes back the next week and vote for it too!

Did you make a suggestion that wasn’t picked? I’ll also be featuring a few of the novels from the previous month’s nomination pool. Just think, these blurbs may entice others to nominate for your choice to be the next Queue the Quipster book!

Second Saturday of the Month: Voting Begins ~ I’ll feature the top three novels that were nominated and then leave the final decision up to you. Is there one that sounds more interesting that the others? If so, vote for it and the one with the most votes will be the current month’s Queue the Quipster book!

Third Saturday of the Month: Author & Series Spotlight ~ This will be when you get to find out more about the current read. Are there 11 other books in the series? Does the author delve into the Victorian New York after tackling Victorian London? Well this week is when you’ll find out!

Fourth Saturday of the Month: Queue the Quipster Review ~ This will be when I review your suggested book from the nominations & voting rounds.

So there you have it, my new feature. As a science fiction and steampunk fan, I know firsthand the pleasure of suggesting a book. The sky is the limit! Remember that you can suggest any science fiction (dystopian/post apocalyptic count!) or steampunk book you want to. You could have loved it, could have hated it or could’ve thought it was just meh. No matter your feelings towards it, I want to know! Queue the Quipster will officially launch on January 1st and nominations will be open on January 5th so start thinking! I can’t wait to read your suggestions and I hope you can’t wait to share them.

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