Queue the Quipster: Nominations & Suggestion Circle

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Queue the QuipsterQueue the Quipster is back with a new schedule but with the same focus–you. Miss out on the chance last month to get your nomination heard? Not to fear, nominations are here!

Nominations are open!

You can nominate as many books as you want that are stemapunk or science fiction, including dystopian novels. The should be at least a year old. Remember that you can nominate any book you want to highlight whether you loved it or hated it. This is the time for it to be in the spotlight! Don’t forget to come back next week to vote. Nominations will close on Thursday.

Suggestion Circle

Looking for some ideas? Here is a highlight of books nominated from last month:

LBrackett-Sword Of RhiannonAngel of Brass by Elaine Corvidae
City and the Stars by Arthur C. Clarke
Cloak of Aesir by John W. Campbell Jr.
The Cosmic Engineers by Clifford D. Simak
The Girl in the Steel Corset by Kady Cross (Steampunk Chronicles, #1)
The Host by Stephenie Meyer
The Sword of Rhiannon by Leigh Brackett

Matthew Carse was a Martian archaeologist turned looter, selling priceless historical relics for his own gain, until the sword of a fallen god sent him hurtling back in time to a Mars still lush with life. Captured by the cruel and beautiful princess of a degenerate empire, Carse must ally with the rebellious Sea Kings and their strange psychic allies in order to defeat the tyrannical people of the Serpent. Yet even if he can conquer the enemy’s alien super-science, Carse still faces an even greater danger—the dark god that lurks inside his own skin.

JJones-HavemercyHavemercy by Jaida Jones, Danielle Bennett (Havemercy #1)

This stunning epic fantasy debut introduces two exciting new authors—and a world brimming with natural and man-made wonders, extraordinary events, and a crisis that will test the mettle of men, the boundaries of magic, and the heart and soul of a kingdom.

Thanks to its elite Dragon Corps, the capital city of Volstov has all but won the hundred years’ war with its neighboring enemy, the Ke-Han. The renegade airmen who fly the corps’s mechanical, magic-fueled dragons are Volstov’s greatest weapon. But now one of its members is at the center of a scandal that may turn the tide of victory. To counter the threat, four ill-assorted heroes must converge to save their kingdom: an exiled magician, a naive country boy, a young student—and the unpredictable ace who flies the city’s fiercest dragon, Havemercy. But on the eve of battle, these courageous men will face something that could make the most formidable of warriors hesitate, the most powerful of magicians weak, and the most unlikely of men allies in their quest to rise against it.

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