Sunday Surprise!

Lately, there seems to be an angel (or demon depending on your view) who has been supplying me with books.  I generally know what I’m suppose to be getting in the mail, but this past week, two have shown up that I wasn’t expecting.  I love those type of surprises!  However, the TBR stack on my desk is a little on the intimidating size – at last count I have 40, I generally like having 5 – and I have no clue when I’ll get to them all.  So I’m going to start a new feature at LE.  On Sundays, I’ll start showcasing three different novels that I’ve received via the mail or have been sitting on my desk.  This way, if I can’t get to them right away, you’ll still get to see what they are and hopefully will be intrigued by them.

Now I am going to put a caveat on this.  The books I’m going to be focusing on are those that are not out there as much.  Meaning, I’ll be more inclined to show a Chris Evans novel (see below) over a Jeaniene Frost novel (which I love).  I’m obviously going to be talking about those authors I love, so I want to give some time to those I’m not overly familiar with or I haven’t seen around as much. So hopefully this will be fun and interesting, but let’s get going.  Here are the first three for the new Sunday Surpries feature.

A Darkness Forged in Fire by Chris Evans (The Iron Elves #1)

First in a stunning debut series, A Darkness Forged in Fire introduces an unforgiving world of musket and cannon…bow and arrow…magic, diplomacy, and oaths — each wielding terrible power in an Empire teetering on the brink of war.

In this world, Konowa Swift Dragon, former commander of the Empire’s elite Iron Elves, is looked upon as anything but ordinary. He’s murdered a Viceroy, been court-martialed, seen his beloved regiment disbanded, and finally been banished in disgrace to the one place he despises the most — the forest.

Now, all he wants is to be left alone with his misery…but for Konowa, nothing is ever that simple. The mysterious and alluring Visyna Tekoy, the highborn daughter of an elfkynan governor, seeks him out in the dangerous wild with a royal decree that he resume his commission as an officer in Her Majesty’s Imperial Army, effective immediately.

For in the east, a falling Red Star heralds the return of a magic long vanished from the earth. Rebellion grows within the Empire as a frantic race to reach the Star unfolds. It is a chance for Konowa to redeem himself — even if the entire affair appears doomed to be a suicide mission…and that the soldiers recruited for the task are not at all what he expects. And worse, his key adversary in the perilous race for the Star is the dreaded Shadow Monarch — a legendary elf-witch whose machinations for absolute domination spreaddeeper than Konowa could ever imagine….

The Dawning of Power by Brian Rathbone

Echoes of the ancients’ power are distant memories, tattered and faded by the passage of eons, but that is about to change. A new dawn has arrived. Latent abilities, harbored in mankind’s deepest fibers, wait to be unleashed. Ancient evils awaken, and old fears ignite the fires of war. In times such as these, ordinary people have the power to save the world . . . or destroy it.

The Atlantis Legacy by Thomas Greanias (contains Raising Atlantis and The Atlantis Prophecy)

Raising Atlantis
A glacial earthquake exposes a mysterious monument older than the Earth itself. The pope reveals a terrifying vision of apocalyptic disaster. And two miles below the ice of Antarctica, the legend of a lost civilization awaits. Archaeologist Conrad Yeats must race to unlock its devastating power…or prepare for the ultimate doomsday.

The Atlantis Prophecy
Archaeologist Conrad Yeats discovers in his father’s tombstone the key to a mysterious centuriesold warning that lies hidden beneath the monuments of the nation’s capital. Now, with the help of beautiful Vatican linguist Serena Serghetti, he must destroy a powerful ancient organization before it raises an empire that could threaten the world.

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  1. Don’t you feel a little intimitated by having so many books to review. I would panic. You must be a very calm person.
    Love the look of The Dawning of Power.

  2. I have A Darkness Forged in Fire on my wish list. :) I look forward to reading your review on it.


  3. I got both A Darkness Forged in Fire & The Atlantis Legacy. No clue I was getting them. Neither really spark my interest, so I’m gonna probably pass them on to people who will enjoy them. Wonderful feature, I’ll probably do a post on both books.

  4. I’m getting an icky Cthulhu/Lovecraft vibe from that Dawning of Power cover. *shudder* But it also makes me want to watch the first Hellboy now. *grin*

    A Darkness Forged in Fire sounds pretty good. I like the idea behind this post. Good way to get the word out if you can’t read them right away.

  5. Oh, I love this feature! Lately most of the authors I’ve been reading are “new to me” or debut authors. All three of these books perked up my interest.

  6. Vivienne – I used to get really intimated. Then I started a new policy re review books. If they’ve been published, I’ll get to them when I get to them. If I get them before they are released, I’ll review them before their release date. I usually get the review up right aroudn the release date. This has helped so much in getting everything under control.

    Plus, of the 40 on my desk waiting to be read, only about 11 of them have been sent for review. The rest I’ve bought or have won through contests. Of the 11, only 2 have not been released yet.

    I have Sunday Surprise posts ready for the next two weeks, but I think I’m going to have to dig a little to find more “unknown to me” authors. I have a few known names sitting on my desk considering there is still a lot of PNR that I haven’t read yet. Either way, this is going to be fun.

  7. I think they all three look interesting. I’m glad they’re all available in ebook. I’m going to check out the Kindle samples (and then buy them from Fictionwise for my Sony if I like them :P)

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