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Escapists UncensoredI can’t stand a bad ending. More importantly, I can’t stand a vague ending.

Is it me or have we all been there? The fabulous book marred by mediocrity or the thrilling series with a finale that doesn’t befit it’s characters. I have long and hard come to terms with the fact that writers can’t please anyone and that everyone’s idea of a good ending is different. Take Harry Potter for example. I couldn’t stand the ending. I loathed it with unadulterated passion. But I know many people who thought it was great. However, my most recent read has gotten me thinking.

Why do writers create endings where the reader asks themselves, Huh?

You know the endings I’m talking about. Those endings where you go back and reread the last chapter to make sure you know what actually happened but find yourself even more confused.  I am not speaking of those esoteric endings which are thought provoking but those endings which try to be and fail in their lack of clarity.

These endings for me can ruin a book or even, a series. But how does one solve this problem? I know many individuals, myself occasionally included, who struggle to find the most poignant closing paragraph. Should writers like this get more guidance from editors or should readers just learn to deal with it?

Which endings annoy you the most and how do you think they could be solved?

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