Faceless by Jus Accardo

JAccardo-FacelessJus Accardo’s Denazen series is by far one of my absolute favorite series ever. After that horrible cliffhanger ending in Toxic, I was desperate to get my hands on anything set in this world. Faceless by Jus Accardo is a novella that takes place a few weeks after what happened, but it only proved that Jus Accardo thrives on the pain from her readers. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVED reading about Brandt, but I’m going crazy wanting to get back to Dez and Kale. After parting ways with Dez in Touch, Brandt went off on his own adventure to help save Sixes. Faceless was Brandt’s adventure.

My name is Brandt Cross, and I died. Again…

I’m living in the body of a Six named Douglass Cain, a certifiable scumbag whose ability is on?Zendean Industries—AKA Denazen’s—most wanted list. There’s some serious bad going down, and Ginger, the leader of the Underground, sent me undercover to obtain information because people are dying.

My cousin, Dez, is dying…

Denazen thought they’d found a cure for the Supremacy decline, but they were wrong.?That’s the bad news. The good news? Franklin Wentz.

Wentz, the owner of a genetic research company, is brilliant and just a little bit crazy. He’s unwittingly created a formula that may cure the sick Supremacy kids, and everyone wants it—including Devin, the super hot Resident.

Get the formula. Save the day. Don’t fall for the hot spy. Piece of cake.

Sexy, smart, with just the right about of swagger Brandt swept me off my feet. Brandt’s biggest fear is losing his own identity. Brandt is a soul-jumper, which means when he dies, his soul jumps into the closest body. However, each time he does it, he gains that person’s personality in addition to his own. But I found that his personality shined through in Faceless. All he wanted to do was find a cure to help save Dez, his cousin, and each of his action’s were based off of that desire.

Devin was perfect for Brandt. A bad experience in her past helped her develop a take-no-shit kind of attitude. That alone was enough to make me like her. (I don’t like heroines who roll over and let other’s dictate their lives.) But underneath that, she was a lonely girl just wanting a friend. Yet, she didn’t let that side get in the way of her endgame. I can’t say anything else without giving away parts of the plot, but I totally have a small girl crush on her.

While Faceless didn’t have a GO!GO!GO! feel, the plot never stopped moving. Instead of being an easy in-and-out retrieval, Brandt and Devin were pitted against each other by their own boss. Not only that but the great scientist behind the cure turned out to be beyond eccentric and adorable.

For anyone new to the Denazen series, you could technically read Faceless without being too confused. However, I would recommend reading Touch and Toxic first, if for no other reason than the surprise cliffhanger ending of Toxic gets spoiled in Faceless. Trust me when I say, fans of the Denazen series absolutely HAVE to read Faceless. Because one, Brandt. And two, the plot is setting up for more bad things to happen in Tremble, the next Denazen book.

Bone-chilling action, a heart-metlingly sweet romance, and a crazy/adorable scientist more interested in his fish than actually working, Faceless had it all. I found myself alternately laughing, cringing and I may have screamed a couple times.  My only complaint was that I wish there was more Brandt. As much as I want to get back to Dez and Kale, I have completely fallen head over heels in love with Brandt, and I want more now!

Read Order:
Tremble (May 7, 2013)

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