Dragon Age: The World of Thedas


DragonAgeWoTI must preface any review of a game franchise book with stating that not only am I an accomplished gamer but I am a huge fan of the Dragon Age games. Due to this, I completely nerded out when I saw Dragon Age: The World of Thedas. A gorgeously interesting piece, you need look no further to delve into Dragon Age lore. Not only does this comprehensive book expand upon such themes as nations and races of Thedas, but perhaps the most important thing is that this wealth of information is consolidated.

Invitingly designed, illustrated with hundreds of pieces of lush art from the creators of the games, this is the definitive guide to BioWare’s dark fantasy masterpiece! For Dragon Age newcomers, this comprehensive volume brings you up to speed on everything you need to know about the regions, religions, monsters, magic, and more! For dedicated fans, never before have the secrets of BioWare’s epic fantasy been revealed so completely and so compellingly! This dramatic, accessible, beautiful tome illuminates the darkest corners of the Deep Roads to the most illusory reaches of the Fade, taking readers on a journey through one of the most fully realized fantasy universes of our time!

Anyone who has played a role playing game knows the feeling of seeing entry after entry of world enhancing articles within the game itself. Unfortunately, this can come at the worst time like when you’re battling a horde of Darkspawn. This is even more exasperated by the fact that these blurbs are seemingly endless, oftentimes having no comparative markers. They serve to give you full detail but can diminish the huge scope of the playable world. This is where The World of Thedas comes in. I was able to sit down and read all of these little tidbits, easily relating them to my experiences playing the game. No more was I rolling my eyes at another character spouting more prose when I enter a new city but instead I could read it at my leisure. These fact alone made me love The World of Thedas.

While this stunning book ties into a game franchise, that doesn’t mean that it is only for gamers. The Dragon Age world has used various aspects of media and as such anyone can gain from this large scale book. I found myself learning interesting tidbits like the common and classic names of months, which races are matriarchal and even a great scan of fashions of different nations. All of this was infused with a page bottom timeline of world history from ancient to the time period of the games. There was definitely a sense of glee that came over me when i saw the epic moments in their history which I had my hand in.

Simply put, The World of Thedas is a must read for fans of this series and definitely worth a look anyone else. Whether it is the amazing visual details in luscious artwork or the intricacies of fantasy culture, you will find something to love about this informative book.

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