Let the Wild Out by Madelyn Porter

MPorter_LetTheWildOutI have pages and pages of unread books on my Kindle, and every once in a while, I’ll go through them to find something new to read. (I should probably do that instead of just buying more books, but that’s a rant for another time.  *grin*) Anyway, I found Let The Wild Out by Madelyn Porter and thought it would be a short but hot story. It exceeded all expectations!

Rachel Dunne thinks she’s safe from the politics of her people by keeping a low profile in America. When she comes face to face with one of the clan chiefs in search of a mate, she’s stunned yet incredibly turned on. There is a catch–one queen to two opposing clan chiefs. It’s hard enough fighting off the advances of one sizzling hot piece of alpha man-flesh, can she possibly resist two?

In this world, the two clan chiefs have to share one wife. William and Douglas had strict ideas about how the sharing would work — as in they took turns with Rachel. Once Rachel found out that they were keeping track of whose turn it was, her reaction was priceless.

“I’m not a toy to be shared between the two of you. If I hear you talking about whose turn it is ever again, it will be no one’s turn. Understood?”

While it was hot, there was more to the plot than just sex. Once William and Douglas convinced Rachel to go home with them, they didn’t instantly get their happily ever after. Someone from one of their clans didn’t want Rachel to be the new chieftess, and kept trying to kill her.

Though both William and Douglas were alpha males, they were polar opposites. It was fun watching them collide and aruge, first over Rachel, then over who would protect her from the unknown foe.

Let The Wild Out sucked me in from the start and kept me hooked with the two very hunky, very alpha males, continued assassination attempts, really hot menages, and a heroine that had a backbone and wouldn’t let others dictate what she could and could not do. Let The Wild Out will keep you warm on a cold winter night.

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