Artist Spotlight: Michele-lee Phelan

So I’m reading this novel for review – Quondam by Jayel Gibson – and I love the artwork on the book, so I went looking for the artist. Michele-lee Phelan did the cover and has quite an extensive collection of artwork on her site. FYI…her main site is currently undergoing so renovations, but you can still see her gallery. I’ve been browsing through her site and I am loving a lot of the work I am seeing. The featured piece is called DarkBringer.

Phelan has a few other ventures in the fantasy artwork as well. She also has her first full color book coming out with a lot of illustrations, some which have never been seen before. The book, Dreams of Magick, is being released by Blue Angel Publishing, and we can expect to see it sometime in late 2008, early 2009. I’ve already checked Amazon and there isn’t anything up for her book yet, but I’ll keep an eye out for it. However, she has been featured in a few other books, for example – she was the illustrator for Templeton Turtle Goes Exploring and she’s one of many illustrators contributing to Enchanted Artists: Visions of Atlantis.

Currently, Phelan is spending all of her energy creating the Dreams of Gaia tarot card set. The set will include over 78 new illustrations as well as a book written by Phelan and will be published by Blue Angel Publishing. She just started working on it, so don’t expect it anytime before 2010.

If you’re looking for something sooner, Phelan contributed 45 illustrations that are going to be used in the upcoming Mythic Oracle deck written by Carisa Mellado, which will also be published by Blue Angel Publishing sometime this winter.

So now that I shared this new artist with you, I’ll leave you with few more samples of her artwork. The pieces are in order: Lady of the Water, The Cailleach Bhuer, Demeter.

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  1. Beautiful artwork thanks so much for sharing. I can’t decide which is my favourite, the blue woman with the moon in the background or the butterfly lady.

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