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Linda Grimes

Linda GrimesI am excited to welcome author Linda Grimes, who is celebrating the release of her second Ciel Halligan novel, Quick Fix.

Ciel Halligan, an aura adaptor with a chameleon-like ability to step into the lives of her clients and fix their problems for them—as them—is working a job at the National Zoo with her new maybe-sort-of boyfriend, Billy, and his ten-year-old sister, Molly. It’s supposed to be a quick fix, giving her plenty of time to think over her romantic entanglements. Should she commit to a relationship with Billy, her charming scoundrel of a best friend? Or give longtime crush and CIA agent Mark Fielding a chance to step up to the plate?

But the quick fix turns into an epic disaster when Molly begins to show signs of being an adaptor herself. At ten, she’s young for it, but she’s always been precocious, so it’s not impossible. What is impossible is her taking on the form of the baby orangutan she touches—adaptors can project only human auras. Until now, apparently. It’s adorable but problematic—Molly can’t change back.

Escaping from the zoo with their new baby orang, Ciel and Billy head for New York City and the only person they know can help: Ciel’s brother James, a scientist determined to crack the aura adaptor genetic code. Somehow Billy winds up in jail, accused of attempted murder, while Ciel begins to suspect Molly’s unusual adapting ability is more than just a fluke. Who’s been experimenting on Molly, and why? And can Ciel keep everyone safe, under control, and preferably out of jail long enough to find out?


The Things You (by which I mean “I”) Worry About with a Second Book

Wow, I can hardly believe my sophomore effort—Quick Fix—is heading out into the world. Seems like I was just doing this with In a Fix. Exciting times!

Of course, the level of excitement isn’t as crazy-high with a second book. Nothing can match the insane OMG!-ness that surrounds the launch of your first book. This time last year I was floating around like a parade balloon. There’s a special magic to firsts that can’t be repeated—once that book virginity is gone, it’s gone.

Still, there’s something to be said for seconds, too. For one thing, you know the ropes a little better, so you’re not quite as afraid of falling on your face.

Reviews aren’t as terrifying, either. If you’re like most authors, you’ve had your share of good one and bad ones. You can appreciate the good ones without letting it go to your head, because you’ve learned there’ll always be a bad one to bring your ego back down to Earth. And you’ve learned you can survive the bad ones without totally freaking out and giving up writing.

Hint: Ice cream helps. As do chocolate, adult beverages, and salty snacks. (Hmm…guess bad reviews are kind of like PMS…)

Of course, there are some distinctly second-book worries that hit, like…

The Things You (by which I mean “I”) Worry About with a Second Book

1. Will anyone even remember the first book?

2. Will the second book not live up to the first book, causing readers to wonder WTF happened? Worse, will they wonder in print?

3. Will the second book be better than the first book, making the first book—which you still love like any firstborn—look bad by comparison? (I know. This one contradicts #2. Hey, I never said these worries were rational.)

4. Will I be able to survive publication without the “newbie slack” cut for debut authors? (I was very fond of my newbie slack last year, and held onto it like a security blanket.)

5. (For writers of a series.) Will the characters seem stale now that they’re not the new kids on the literary block anymore?

So, how do I cope with my second-book worries? Why, by escaping into somebody else’s book as often as I can, of course. Escape suggestions are appreciated!


Meet Linda Grimes!

Linda Grimes is the author of Tor’s light urban fantasy series featuring aura adaptor Ciel Halligan. Her second book, Quick Fix, will be available starting August 20. Linda enjoys reading (anything, including cereal boxes, if desperate), an occasional cocktail (make it a martini or a Manhattan, and she’ll be a friend for life), camels (the animals, not the cigarettes, and only when they’re not spitting), and parentheses.

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