Weekly Geeks #15 – What Is It?

This weeks Weekly Geeks is a game and it should be a lot of fun. The idea is to take close up pictures of various book covers and make you guess what they are.

So I have 5 covers that I’ve taken a close-up of (or in reality, used GIMP to manipulate). Can you tell me what they are?

Since this is a game, it’s only fair to have a prize at the end of the tunnel, right? So here’s the prize, if you can name all 5 of the covers, then I’ll throw your name into a hat. At the end of the week, I’ll draw one winner from all the correct answers and that person will have their choice of one of the five novels. To make it fair for everyone, you have to email me your answers (myjaxonATgmail) with the subject being WG15 Answers. You need to have both the title and the author.  Any answers left in the comments will be deleted and won’t be eligible for the drawing.

Now I’ve been debating on giving away any hints, so I’ll give you three: (1) none of the books have been released yet; (2) some shots may have been rotated; and (3) all five covers appear on Literary Escapism somewhere.

Now, here are the covers:

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