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Paige CuccaroI am excited to welcome author Paige Cuccaro who is celebrating the release of her second Hellsbane novel, Heaven and Hellsbane.

Someone’s killing angels and turning the half human, half angel illorum warriors against their angelic supporters. If the supernatural baddy behind the attacks isn’t stopped soon, Heaven itself could fall victim. The Council of Seven has called in the best they’ve got to find the killers, and no one’s more surprised than Emma Jane Hellsbane when it’s her phone that rings.

But when her own angelic mentor—and off-limits hottie—Eli is targeted, Emma takes it personally. With Emma hot on the trail of the growing army of assassins, though, hackles start to raise around her. Everyone wants to know if she’s in it to protect all angels or just one in particular. The Council has their suspicions…and so does Emma’s boyfriend.

Now Emma isn’t just fighting off demons, rogue nephilim, and Fallen angels, but she’s defending her honor as well. The problem is even Emma Jane isn’t sure of her motives. One thing she does know: if she doesn’t figure out the killers’ identities soon, she may not live long enough to know what, or who, she really wants.

It’s all in a day’s work as Heaven’s ultimate bounty hunter.


You might be a Nephilim if…

Top 10 ways to tell if you’re half human child of an angel.

PCuccaro-NephilimEmma Jane had no idea she was half human, half angel. She’d never even heard the word nephilim before. And then her mailman turned into a red skinned, horned demon and well…

Thanks to the Fallen’s tendency to erase their existence from their human lover’s minds, most people live their whole lives never knowing they’re a nephilim. After all, your angel half remains dormant unless something—or someone—unleashes it.

Yep. That’s right. YOU might have unimaginable power locked tight inside you. Of course if that power was ever unleashed demons would sense it and you’d be a bright glaring target for every nasty beasty in the area.

But, hey, being a nephilim (the child of an angel and human) isn’t all bad—super strength, innate sword fighting skills, mental telepathy, and the ability to travel at nearly the speed of thought. Imagine the airfare you’d save!

So how would you know? Well there are a few simple ways to tell if you’ve got angel blood thrumming through your veins.

You might be a nephilim if…

  1. Your stomach drops, like going down a steep hill on a roller coaster, every time you’re near certain people.
  2. You over empathize with people because it seems like you can actually feel how they’re feeling.
  3. Your family has a photo of a strange man who they can’t name, but still can’t seem to bring themselves to discard the photo.
  4. You’re pretty sure you’ve seen a person vanish though no one else noticed. They were there one minute and gone the next.
  5. You’ve noticed the smell of rotting eggs when no one else does.
  6. Holy ground, churches—cemeteries, make you feel kind of squidgy.
  7. You don’t look (or feel) like you’re actually related to your own family. (Example: you have blond hair and everyone else in your family are brunets. Or, you’re amazingly sarcastic and witty while the rest of your family appears to have been born utterly humorless.)
  8. You seem to have a kind of beginner’s luck when it comes to using weapons for the first time.
  9. You have a sometimes bothersome need to stick up for the underdog, even when you know it probably won’t end well for you.
  10. AND FINALLY….You always kinda knew there was something different about you.

If you’ve experienced one or all of these telltale signs then there is a definite possibility YOU are a nephilim. So just to be on the safe side, if someone runs up and offers to let you “borrow” their sword….just say no.

BUT…if none of this makes any sense, and you have absolutely no idea what I’m talking about then…wow…you’ve gotta read Heaven and Hellsbane, the latest book in my Hellsbane series on shelves now.

Meet Paige Cuccaro!

Paige lives in Ohio, with her husband, and three daughters. When she’s not writing she can be found doing the mom thing with a book in one hand and a notepad and pen in the other. Ideas come without warning and the best way to stimulate your imagination is to enjoy the imagination of someone else.

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