Micah by LK Hamilton

So if you’ve seen my desk, than you know I’m a HUGE Laurell K. Hamilton fan. As soon as I found out that Micah was going to be released, it was marked on my calendar. Six months later, it came out a week early.

Micah is a novella that goes into the background of Anita’s latest boyfriend and answers many questions that have been left unanswered. What those questions are, you’ll have to find out, but I will say that Anita goes on a working trip and she takes Micah along for the ride. Between thinking too hard about her relationship with Micah and Micah’s problems being back in Philadelphia, Anita managers to get the job done.

While this is a side journey between Incubus Dreams and Danse Macabre (due out June 2006), I want to say that it gives some insight into the next book. We already know that Anita might be pregnant (if you’ve been reading the excerpts on Hamilton’s website), but this helps the storyline by forcing Anita to concentrate on her feelings for Micah. She has already done that for Nathaniel in Incubus Dreams and now it’s Micah’s turn.

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