Halfway to the Grave by J. Frost

This was one of the best impulse buys I’ve made recently. Halfway to the Grave by Jeaniene Frost is great. I was reading it and thinking “great the ending is so going to be predictable” and it wasn’t. I so didn’t see it coming. The heart throb in the story is English/Australian and he has the speech to go with it. Every time I heard him talking in my head, I kept hearing Spike’s voice from Buffy and for some reason, it worked. If you don’t hear the story in your head as you read, then it’s not a great book. Simply reading a book and just seeing the words doesn’t make a great experience. You have to be involved with the characters; you have to feel their pain, wallow in their emotions, you HAVE to be there in order to truly appreciate a book. I’ve read a few authors that I’ve been able to do this with (L. Hamilton, K. Harrison, JR Ward, K Armstrong, K MacAlister) and it’s exciting that I’ve found a new one. Unfortunately, her next book – One Foot in the Grave – doesn’t come out until April. Oh the agony of waiting to see if a threat is fulfilled.

Read order:
Halfway to the Grave – check out this great excerpt
One Foot in the Grave – check out this great excerpt
At Grave’s End – check out this great excerpt
Destined for an Early Grave – check out this great excerpt

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