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Over at the Science Fiction Fantasy Chronicles forum, there’s an interesting post looking for vampire novels that are devoid of the romantic and horror elements. Whenever I think of vampires, I always either think of the classic horror stories (i.e. Nosferatu or Dracula) or the current urban fantasy/para-romance books (i.e. Dark Lover or Halfway to the Grave). So the idea that there are vampire novels out there without the horror or romance, it’s kind of intriguing. Since all of the recommendations are scattered throughout the discussion thread, I thought I would add them here.

Do you agree with this list? Do you have any to add?

There’s a review out for Kelley Armstrong’s Living with the Dead, which comes Oct. 28th. To some, there may be a few spoilers, but it’s mainly talking about the plot. Here’s a snippet from the review:

The latest Otherworld novel is a fantastic exciting tale that readers will devour in one session. The humans and supernatural live side by side yet the former know nothing about the latter. When Robyn gets caught in the crossfire between two groups, she concludes she can get a job helping the supernaturals conceal their secrets from humanity. Hope and Karl are interesting support characters who look like they will a novel of their own soon. Kelly Armstrong provides a great urban fantasy whodunit.

I found a great list of novels coming out in October. I’ll be adding these to the new release page, but here they are straight from the source.

And here’s another artist spotlight…..Josephine Wall. She’s one of the few artists that I have actually bought prints of, although my husband isn’t that much of a fan of her. She tends to be a little more feminine than a lot of artists. I love her work with light and illusion though. Today’s featured print is called Bridge of Hope.

Kimberly, over at Darque Reviews, has Marta Acosta in the hot seat talking about her latest novel, The Bride of Dracula. There is even a contest for her novel, so make sure you check it out.

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  1. I’ve always felt that romance and vampires kind of go hand in hand. I’m not by any means an expert on the genre, but it seems that many authors write in the vampire as an alluring creature by default.

    I have to say that I greatly enjoyed The Historian and I will read anything Elizabeth Kostova comes out with. Similarly, I have read the Anne Rice vampire books, and in fact credit Interview With the Vampire for getting me out of taking any English in college (thanks AP board!).

  2. Of the ones listed, the Anne Rice is the only one I’ve read — seems to me like it has horror elements! It’s been awhile since I’ve read it, but it seems to me that Louis’ horror of what was done to him is the underlying theme of the whole thing.

    And while not a traditional romance in any way, much has been made of the sensual relationship between Louis & Lestat.

    Of course, in her inimitable way, Rice manages to stretch out the story so far that any coherent theme is eventually diluted and lost anyway, but it’s some beautiful language to swim through, whether you get anywhere or not.

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