Bad Moon Rising in A2

Today was a good day. I dropped the munchkin off with the grandparents early in the morning and was in Borders about 11:30am.  The only downer to the whole day was when I realized that I was in the second group of fifty for the line and I had gotten there 2.5 hours after they had opened!  Talk about a huge event.  I have to say, I do like the way the Lohr St. Borders handles their author lines.  They give out color wristbands and change the color every 50 people.  To give you an idea on the size of the event today, the last I heard, they had 8 different colors going.  Thank god I got there so early.  When I went to my first Borders event last year, I made the  mistake of not getting there early and taking both Jesse and Ian with me.  I haven’t done that since and I spending an entire day in a bookstore was pretty fun.  Granted, I did come home with more books than I intended, but they were books I wanted, so it’s all good.

Sherrilyn is such a wonderfully evil person.  She did a Q&A before signing the massive amount of books everyone brought and she did spill a few things.  Granted, there was a lot of “yeah,  not gonna tell you that”, but we did get some things out of here.

She revealed that there will be another Lords of Avalon novel coming out in March 2010.  I looked it up on her website when I got home and found it is titled Darkness Within.  This novel is going to be focusing on one of the Hel Hounds and so will the next one.  I’m not familiar with this series, so hopefully those who are will know what she means.

There’s also going to be at least two more novels in the Brotherhood of Avalon series, but not until 2012.  She needs to do the two Hel Hounds novels first and she can only write so quickly she says.

I so totally missed this when I was going through her site at the beginning of the month, but she’s revealed who was in the next Dark-Hunter book.  It’s going to be Dev Peltier and Samia.  A Were-Hunter and a Dark-Hunter.  This will be a new twist in the relationship game and I can’t wait for it to come out next August.

Also, I so cannot remember who this guy is, but Sundown will eventually get his own book.  At the moment, Sherrilyn’s mind has it as a novella, but she wants to give him a full length novel, so she has to work before we’ll get anything else.  If I remember correctly, she says don’t expect anything until at least 2012 since her writing schedule is pretty tight.

Oh oh oh….Acheron’s sister, Ryssa, may be back in the fold.  Sherrilyn has touched on reincarnation in the past and it was hinted at that she might bring the idea back for Ryssa.

I’m not totally caught up on the Dream-Hunter seiries, but it was asked if D’Alerian would be making another appearance.  Sherrilyn would not confirm or deny that he would be in the next Dream-Hunter novel, but based on her reaction, I would probably say he will be.  If he isn’t in the next one, then he may be the focus of the one after that.  Don’t quote me on that though.

So Savitar has some animosity towards the Arcadian Jaquiers?  I’m missing something there, but Sherrilyn told us we would be seeing more of that conflict in the future.

The relationship between Madoc and Nick is going to be explored in the next Dream-Hunter novel that will be coming out next fall.  Again, not sure what is behind this, but it sounds like a lot of people were excited to hear about this.

And, I did get some of the Q&A on video, so enjoy.

There’s a bigger video that Borders did at the event and as soon as I see that posted, I’ll add it here as well.

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