Zucchini Vampires

I’m making zucchini bread, so it’s on my mind.  Anyway…

Shiloh Walker is unveiling the cover for the next Hunters novel, Hunter’s Need.  Plus she’s giving us a sneak peek at the story.  She’s posted an snippet along with the cover.  Hunter’s Need comes out December 1, 2009.  Maybe unveiling is a little strong since I’ve seen it before (at least it feels like it), but hey…I like the sneak peek.


Kmont has the scoop that Lori Handeland has sold a few more novels.

I have sold two more Nightcreature Novels, as well as DEMONS AT THE GATES, a fifth book in “The Phoenix Chronicles.” The first Nightcreature novel should be released in Fall, 2010, with a second to follow in early 2011. A week later I sold another book titled SHAKESPEARE UNDEAD. In the spirit of PRIDE AND PREJUDICE AND ZOMBIES this book will answer a lot of the questions about Shakespeare. How could he have written all those plays? Easy—if you’re a vampire. Publication is expected in 2010.

I will admit, I’m unfamiliar with Handeland’s Nightcreature series, but the fact there are more novels coming out seems to be getting everyone excited. I find it interesting that Handeland has jumped on the “let’s turn the classics into paranormal” bandwagon, but at least she’s giving us vampires instead of zombies or sea monsters (really? sea monsters?). It should be interesting to see Shakespeare as a vampire.

Now this is a werewolf cover.  Check out the cover for the new Mammoth Book of Wolf Men.  This appears to be a reprint of the British collection that was published in 1994.  SciFiGuy has the contributing author list as well as the original cover, which is hilarious and worth the trip just for that.  The Mammoth Book of Wolf Men will be out October 13, 2009.

Cheyenne McCray has posted an excerpt from the next Lexi Steele novel, The Second Betrayal, which just came out yesterday.

The 2009 World Fantasy Award Nominees have been announced.  The awards are for novels published in 2008 and will be awarded at the World Fantasy Convention 2009, which will be held in San Jose, California Oct 29th through Nov 1st.  I’m not familiar with a lot of the authors who made the list, but I do recognize Kage Baker and Neil Gaimon.  I’m really going to have to try those two soon.

If you’ve ever wanted to read The Brass Bed by Jennifer Stevenson, now is the time.  It’s available for the Amazon Kindle as a free download.  I’m not sure how long this is going to last.


  • Marcia Colette is giving away a copy of her new novel, Stripped.  Contest ends August 7th.
  • Make sure you check out the interviews.  Most of them have contests as well.
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