That Intimidating, But Must Read, Series You Love

#QOTD: When you first started reading Urban Fantasy (UF), what series did you absolutely love, but had to take a break from because it was just that intense or intimidating as a newbie UF reader? Have you since gone back to that series? Does it seem as intense or intimidating now that you’ve been reading UF for awhile?

I found Lilith Saintcrow’s Dante Valentine series within the first few months of really reading UF and it was a bit too SciFi/Dark for me and I had to take a break after the 2nd book, Dead Man Rising. Loved the characters and the story, but it wasn’t as easy of a read back then. I wasn’t reading Science Fiction (SF) then, and while I wouldn’t say it is SF since it is very much UF, it contained a lot of my reasons for not reading SF (back then).

Fast forward a few years and the series is still on my mind, so when Dante Valentine: The Complete Series came out as a kindle bundle, it was an automatic buy. It may have been too dark for me at one point, but now that I’ve been in the genre (and away from the historical roms I was reading right before this), I’m totally ready to give it another try.

Have you read the Dante Valentine series? If so, what did you think?

Read Order:
Working for the Devil
Dead Man Rising
The Devil’s Right Hand
Saint City Sinners
To Hell and Back

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