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Alicia SparksI am excited to welcome author Alicia Sparks, author of Primitive Fix.

Meet two brothers, tiger shifters, and the women who bring out the beast in them.

Kenyon: Sage Villalobos has been destined to marry Kenyon Maddux since the day she was born. As the second-born in her wolf clan, she came into this world owing a debt to the family of shape-shifting tigers who rule the Louisiana swamps in the Atchafalaya Basin. Kenyon is the only man she’s ever wanted, the man who sets her blood on fire, but she’s tired of being indebted to his family for something she didn’t do. She wants him to choose her because he loves her, not because he owns her. When Kenyon’s brother, Nik, is taken prisoner, Kenyon turns to Sage for help. Using her unique skills, she knows she can help him free his brother, but there will be a price. If she agrees to do this, she wants Kenyon to release her from her debt. However, the only thing Kenyon wants to do is hold on to her and never let her go.

Nik: After months of captivity as part of a roadside attraction, Nik Maddux is finally able to escape. Injured and at death’s door, he makes his way through the swamp only to collapse near Juliette’s home. Juliette pulls the naked man into her cabin and begins nursing him back to health, marveling at the black stripes which cover his body and the feline features of his face. She knows he’s not quite human and realizes she may have found a kindred spirit, someone whose secrets are as deadly as her own. When Nik awakes, his attraction to Juliette is instant. While she heals his body, he wants to heal her soul. But danger is lurking in the swamp, and the longer they stay together, the more likely they are to lose everything.


Interview with a Vampire Fang-natic

I’m over vampires. Done with the undead. Finished with Nosferatu and all his kind. Yet for some reason, I keep going back for more. My first book boyfriend was Lestat. When he spoke/wrote/inspired those first words in The Vampire Lestat, I was hooked. When he first said “I’m immortal. More or less,” it intrigued me in a way I had never felt before and caused my sixteen-year-old heart to beat in a way it hadn’t in this lifetime. I felt a kinship to Lestat, a longing for humanity while being deeply entrenched in a world of teenage misery, most of my own making and the rest due to hormones.

I never forgot my first love and sought him out in many other sources. Christine Feehan’s work, Maggie Shayne’s vampires. Even the Anita Blake books. I caught a glimpse of him in the tv series Buffy the Vampire Slayer in the body of Spike. I saw a hint of what he would be today in the moody yet beautiful Edward Cullen. But I never really was able to capture the elusive man who had captured my heart so long ago.

Every time I go to New Orleans, I see the city through Lestat’s eyes. When I visit the old town of Natchitoches, Louisiana with her city of lights and brick main street, I see Lestat walking along the river, long, black trench coat billowing in the wind, cane in hand, black top hat on top of blond hair. I hear his voice on the wind when it’s cold outside and I hear the words “Wolf killer” whispered in my sleep.

You might say I’m obsessed. This obsession led me to seek out the Black Daggar Brotherhood, to infiltrate their lair, to seek out the one known as V, whose hand holds a magic he can’t explain. It led me to watch (repeatedly) The Lost Boys, the story of a beautiful, blond vampire who could have been Lestat in another life. It also introduced me to Eric Northman, another tall, blond vamp whose devilish boy grin and Viking blood make me shiver with delight as he whispers about doing bad things.

Every vampire is the same, dead, cold, without a soul. Yet each one is different, and each one reminds me of my first love. I’ll never get over Lestat. I’ve given up my search for him only half-heartedly. As I grow older, I imagine myself on my death bed, Lestat hovering over me, whispering an invitation, telling me, as he told his mother, that he could make me immortal, that he could give me the choice he was not given.

I’ll never end my affair with vampires even though I am tired of reading about them. I’d rather run across one on a dark street, in a back alley, one whose fangs will pierce my skin, whose immortal gift will capture my soul. One who will make my body quiver with longing and will make the boredom that is life a more colorful, magical existence.


Excerpt from Primitive Fix:

ASparks-Primitive FixNeed coursed through Juliette in a way that she couldn’t deny any longer. If Nik would be gone soon, she at least wanted a moment with him, wanted to be able to wrap her arms around him and feel something for a change. It would be wonderful to feel anything aside from the fear and sense of paranoia that seemed to take up every waking moment. She knew he wanted her, had been able to tell that much from the way he looked at her, from the way he was so protective of her, from the way his cock hardened any time she was near him.

She cleared her throat. “I know you’ll be leaving soon. Going back to whatever it was that brought you here. I’m sure you have reason for revenge, too. Before you go…” her words trailed off as she reached out to him, placing her hand against his chest then shifting her body so she was practically sitting in his lap. “I want to be with you. I want to have something to remember after you are gone. I want to be able to close my eyes and feel you here with me.”

The rumble he emitted from his throat was filled with lust and primal desire and sent a shiver all the way through her body. When he turned and captured her wrists, looking straight into her eyes, she saw those feelings emanating from him.

“You have no idea how much I want you. All the things I want to do with you. But I don’t want to do them in order to become a memory.”
He covered one wrist with his mouth, his teeth grazing against the scars there. She closed her eyes and let the feeling sink in, let the pleasure of his touch replace all the pain her wrists had felt for so long. He could take away every ounce of pain she had ever felt, replacing it with need, with desire, with a kind of fulfillment she never thought she’d experience. She had been running for too long, and now it was time to feel.

Meet Alicia Sparks!

Alicia Sparks is a Southern girl with a flair for all things a little naughty. From writing about sensual ice cream to sexy tigers, her stories all contain a high level of heat, which she blames on her Southern surroundings and her smoking hot husband. She has been writing for ten years and shows no signs of stopping any time soon!

Contact Info: Facebook | Twitter | GoodReads

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Thank you Alicia for taking the time to stop by Literary Escapism!

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