Wanderlust by A. Aguirre

I am really loving this series by Ann Agurire. Wanderlust is the second novel in her Sirantha Jax series and it picks up where Grimspace leaves off.

Jax has been separated from her crew while the Conglomerate investigates Farwan’s involvement in the Sargasso crash. After finally getting all the endless interrogations over with, Jax is finally reunited with her crew, including her lover March, and is given an offer she really can’t refuse. As a new ambassador for the Conglomerate (after all, how else is she going to jump without a job), she’s given the task of going to Vel’s home world as a diplomatic emissary and negotiate their entry into the Conglomerate. This should be easy, but since it’s our girl Jax, it’s anything but. There are individuals who don’t want her to succeed and on her way, she gets involved in a political war that’s even more dangerous than her current mission. Through this all, Jax and March go through some troubling times in their relationship that adds even more to the story.

Jax and Mach are developed even more in Wanderlust and the glimpses we see into their personalities adds even more to the story. Jax still has a lot of emotional baggage that she’s trying to deal with and on top of this all, she begins to realize something else is wrong. March is still trying to get Jax to understand that he isn’t going anywhere, but the two are not always connecting correctly.

There is one thing that I’ve discovered that I love about this series that I haven’t been seeing a lot of lately. Well, I have been seeing it, but not to this degree of excellence. The entire story is told in the first person and it works so well that it’s hard not to get sucked into Jax’s thinking and see the world through her eyes. Her pysche is so conflicted with all the events going on her life, the idea of loving March, and finding a new purpose in life, that we get to see all the second guesses she makes as well as all of her insecurities. It’s a great way to develop her character without overloading us with tons of descriptions and other scenes that don’t allow the plot to progress.

Overall, Wanderlust is a great novel and it just solidifies my enjoyment of this series. I’m not usually one who goes for the outer space far in the future type of novels and the fact that I am loving this series still blows my mind. The characters are developed in a way that makes you want an emotional tie with them and the story is told at such a pace that it’s hard to believe that the events are actually occurring. Wanderlust is a great addition to the Sirantha Jax series and I would easily recommend both Grimspace and Wanderlust to anyone looking for a great story.

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