Escapist Uncensored: Does one really need reading requirements?

Escapists Uncensored

For me, as long as I have a place to sit, stand, or lie down in, and some light, I can read anywhere, in any type of environment.  The only thing I actually need is less things to do during the day so I have time to read, ha ha. But I know people who have to have things just so or else they can’t read a sentence. I find this strange on one hand, however on the other, I’m a bit envious because they have a reading ‘sweet spot’ and I don’t.

For instance, a friend of mine has to have a fan blowing on her and listening to loud music. The music she plays depends on the book she’s reading, by the way. Another friend has to be wrapped up in a blanket in a quiet, dimly lit room or else she can’t focus. So on and so forth, there are reading rules or reading spots galore among my reading friends. If they are missing anything in their list, they cannot connect to a story. I’m one of the few who can read anywhere with a thousand distractions.

A part of me is happy that I don’t need a spot or set environment to get lost in a favorite tome. I’m not tied down to anything, so I don’t have to worry about my spot being occupied or noises distracting me. All I really have to worry about is not getting pulled away so I can read a paragraph. This is something they rarely complain about, which bugs me to no end. They all read faster and remember more than I do, so maybe they are on to something. Makes me wonder if I had a spot or rules for my reading time, if I would get pulled away as much as I do? Would I read faster, remember things better and get more involved in the storyline? Or is this just hoopla because I’m frustrated by how busy I’ve become and can’t read as much as I want/need to?

What do you think? Does having a spot or certain things truly help you read better?  If yes, what are some of your requirements that you can’t live without? Maybe that would help me find my own ‘sweet spot’.

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SAHM of 2, happily married bookworm, blogger and aspiring author. If I could read/write all day, every day, I would. Luckily I have a very understanding, and patient, husband who lets me get away with it as much as possible. Now if only the kids would understand my obsession, and the house would clean itself, then I'd be all set.


    • Quiet and nobody talking to you? That would be heaven. I usually have my choice of one or the other, but I rarely get both. *grin*

    • I’m with Jackie! Two kids means someone is always talking to me, or making noise. Sometimes I can read through it, sometimes I can’t no matter how hard I try.

  1. I can’t read with other people in the room. Part of it is they’re distracting so I can’t properly lose myself in the book – I really am an escapist, I go to the book planet and get engrossed and I get the most enjoyment that way.
    The other part is my mum. Somehow it counts as rude to read when there’s people there, like you’re neglecting your guests or something. Its probably because my mum had to drag me from a book to converse with people as a kid too many times. ;-) Apart from that I just like quiet so I can absorb myself into the book.

    Usually I read before bed or if I get some time alone where nothing needs to be done (Way harder to get than it sounds! lol).

    My nephew is 9 and an avid bookworm like me (So proud !) and he can read anywhere…. his mum recently had to tell him off as he was reading his book as the bride was walking down the aisle at a wedding. She’s still not sure how he snuck it in.

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