Dreamfever by K.M. Moning

Freaking fabulous!  That is what Dreamfever by Karen Marie Moning was.  The fourth book in the Fever series is so utterly wonderful that you really must be reading this series, if you’re not already.

He has stolen her past, but MacKayla will never allow her sister’s murderer to take her future. Yet even the uniquely gifted sidhe-seer is no match for the Lord Master, who has unleashed an insatiable sexual craving that consumes Mac’s every thought-and thrusts her into the seductive realm of two very dangerous men, both of whom she desires but dares not trust.

As the enigmatic Jericho Barrons and the sensual Fae prince V’lane vie for her body and soul, as cryptic entries from her sister’s diary mysteriously appear and the power of the Dark Book weaves its annihilating path through the city, Mac’s greatest enemy delivers a final challenge…

It’s an invitation Mac cannot refuse, one that sends her racing home to Georgia, where an even darker threat awaits. With her parents missing and the lives of her loved ones under siege, Mac is about to come face-to-face with a soul-shattering truth-about herself and her sister, about Jericho Barrons…and about the world she thought she knew.

Not only does Moning suck us back into Dublin and the ongoing battle, but she doesn’t let us go until the end.  Seriously, I was so attached to this book that I had such a hard time putting it down.  Even now, I have four other reviews I need to write yet I can’t think of anything but Dreamfever.  It’s still running rampant in my head and all these questions are bouncing around.  That right there is what I love about this series. Even after finishing it, I want more.  Who did the Beast turn into?  What is Barrons?  What happened to V’lane?  All of the possibilities are screaming for a chance to be considered and I have no way of giving them their answers.  (I have my thoughts, see below for a spoiler section)

What Moning does with her characters is truly magnificent.  Mac goes through so many different emotions that its hard not to be there with her for each one.  She is thrown off the cliff in Faefever and to watch her struggle back from it is amazing.  She is still naive in many ways, but she’s learning and growing more and more that there’s no doubt that she’ll be truly fabulous when it matters.  Barrons is such an enigma.  We get to learn more about him through his struggles in bringing Mac back AND through other interesting encounters, but Moning leaves us with more questions than any real answers.

The plot itself was great.  We’re given a lot of new developments that helps further the story along, plus Mac gets put into situations that are kind of funny. I loved it when she thought she had the upper hand only to find out that she so didn’t.  This goes back to her being a little naive still and it definitely adds a fun element to the story; also a hair raising element when her actions have bad consequences, but that’s part of life.  Mac is definitely a flawed character and the plot spins around that very much.

Overall, I am loving the Fever series by Karen Marie Moning.  Dreamfever is a great addition and a must read for any fan.  It further the characteristics of both Mac and Barrons, moved the plot along and left me constantly thinking.  Personally, when a novel makes you think about what could be happening, that’s when you know that it has succeeded in being a fantastic novel.  It brings your imagination to life and all sorts of possibilities can occur.  The only thing I’m not liking is that I heard the next book, Shadowfever, is going to be the last in this series and I don’t know if I’ll be ready to leave it yet.  This is one of the downsides to any book/series that is fantastic.  I will give out one warning, Dreamfever ends on a major MAJOR cliffhanger and I have no clue when Shadowfever will be coming out.  Seriously, after reading Dreamfever, you’re going to be knocking down Moning’s door for the next installment.  If you haven’t started reading the Fever series, I would normally say go out and get it now, but you might want to wait until Shadowfever comes out.  Moning likes to end with cliffhangers, but this series should definitely be on your radar.

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There’s been a lot of speculation as to what Barrons is.  One that I’ve seen consistently is that he’s a vampire.  I don’t think Barrons is a vampire; however, I want to say he’s more.  As in more than just on Barron – he’s a multiple. That’s my guess. With the way Dreamfever ended, I would almost bet that the beast transformed back into Barrons and that’s why Mac felt like she lost everything.  I can’t think of any other character that would make her have that reaction.  But, I can’t see Moning killing off Barrons either.  I think that when Mac gets back to Dublin, she’s going to find Barrons there. Maybe feeling a bit out of sorts and a little irritated at Mac, but I’m thinking that either the IYD beast is either the second half of Barrons or is so closely connected that they resemble each other.  This could also explain the mysterious eight.  Dani describes them all as being like Barrons.  What if they are?  What if there is more than one Barrons running around.  That would also explain the fourth prince and why his markings were similar to Barrons.  Maybe there are multiple Barrons out there and they may not all have the same agenda.

I actually believe that Barrons is the Unseelie King and that’s why the Fae are afraid of him.  That would also explain why he could kill other Fae.  The King killed the Queen so long ago, so I would assume the King and Queen could kill any Fae.  This would also explain who the woman was that V’lane hates Barrons for killing.  This would explain with the Dark Fae fear him.  This would also explain why he could touch the Seelie artifcats since the King was originally Seelie.  This would also explain the connection to the beast since the King was the one who created them.  This could also tell us who the woman was that Barrons was carrying through the Silver.  It could have been his concubine.  We’re told that the Kings concubine died after the King killed the Queen, but what if the concubine was killed in retatiliation and the child Barrons grieved over was theirs.

Yeah, while I think that the beast turns into Barrons, I sincerely doubt that Moning would kill him before the final battle or the walls go back up.  Mac isn’t ready for that and I’m hoping for a HEA between the two of them.  I may not get it, but I can’t see him being gone yet.

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  1. Maybe it’s due to reading too much speculation (which, speculating is addictive and fun), but I swear I remember Moning saying the series would end with an HEA for Mac. But yesterday I read on an Amazon Dreamfever discussion that Moning has said on her board that the series is strictly UF. I got the impression that the idea of an HEA might be off the plate. I also must learn not to listen to the back-and-forth that goes on via author message boards. It gets too confusing.

    At this point, I’m not a fan of an HEA anyway. I’m pretty turned off by Barrons, to be honest. As well as Mac. Together, these two display about as much evidence of a healthy relationship as a rabid dog and a pissed off cat. Individually they’re more interesting to me; together they’re oil and water. Their so-called relationship reminds me of the magic-induced stupor Eggs and Tara were in in True Blood, where they knock the living hell out of one another. Hmm, yeah. Not healthy and not appealing for what I like in a romance, subplot or not.

    That’s not to say I haven’t enjoyed the series up till Faefever. Despite the cliffhanger in Faefever leaving a sour note, the books are entertaining. Moning has definitely wrestled the hope for an HEA right out of me though and I wouldn’t cry if there wasn’t one. I’ve got a friend beating down my resistance to reading Dreamfever. I want to save it for the 5th book’s release so I can do the double devouring method. It’s not been a perfect series for me; too much repeated at times, a slow pace at others, but it’s definitely worth pursuing still.

    I’m glad you enjoyed it so much! I’ve heard nothing but good so far. And I like your speculations at the end of the review. (Personally I wonder how the heck Mac can still be naive after the end of Faefever, but…will wait to read Dreamfever before wondering any further.) Sorry for the looong comment.

  2. Pretty sure KMM said this series would have an HEA…not saying she can’t change her mind..but I will be very disappointed if that does not happen.

    I think it has to be Barrons at the end and I also think Ryodan is a big fat traitor!! I have heard some spec that maybe Mac is in some kind of dream state (hence the name of the book) at the end and Barrons isn’t really a beast at all..she just thinks he is in her dream.

    I also wonder if Christian will stay missing and he will have his own spinoff series that KMM has hinted about.

    My only real complaint for this book (which I absolutely loved) is that I wish Mac and Barrons had been on better terms after he saved her. I’m tired of the blame and mistrust between them.

  3. Loved this series and the newest book too. I just wish I would have read them soon. Only thing that bugs me is the cliffhangers. They about kill me.


  4. This series is awesome! I finished Dreamfever last night and still think about it. And have reread parts already.
    Can’t wait for the last part of the series. I’ll definitely want Mac and Barrons to have a HEA!!!

  5. Hey there!

    Your speculations gave me a lot to think about with this series. I originally thought that Barrons was the Unseelie King after the first or second book, but I’m beginning to have my doubts. It would explain a lot that has gone on, but with the current information we have, Barrons being the Unseelie King wouldn’t fit very well, at least to me. I actually don’t think he’s Fae at all. I also had a theory that he’s Lucan Trevayne, from Moning’s Spell of the Highlander, because he knows Druidry and is covered in the same black and scarlet tattoos. It would explain why he is after the book, why he dislikes the MacKeltars and why they would try to spy on him. But it really wouldn’t explain how he knows so much about Faery and the Silvers and all that good stuff with everything we already know.

    I’ve also thought long and hard who the IYD turned into at the end, and I couldn’t come up with anything other than Barrons. It would explain why Mac felt like she lost everything, why Ryodan came to help her instead of him, and why IYD looked at her like it felt betrayed when she stabbed it with her spear.

    And I agree, I honestly don’t think that Moning would kill off Barrons before the end of Shadowfever, or even at all, if he’s a part of Mac’s HEA. Killing him off wouldn’t answer any of the thousands of questions raised about who and what he is. Maybe Mac just thinks she killed IYD, and if it’s Barrons, then he’s really only close to dying and not dead. I really can’t wait for Shadowfever lol.

  6. I haven’t read Moning’s Highlander series yet (which I need to rectify), but I was talking with someone else who has and she gave an interesting idea as to Barrons outlook that would make sense to anyone who has read it. So I don’t spoil it for anyone else who hasn’t read it, all I’ll say is that it involves the culture where the Fae originally came from. I guess it’s touched upon in the Highlander series, but not focused on maybe?

    I’m almost wondering if we’ll be getting another series by Moning that’ll involve this universe as well since the Fever series seems to be an offshoot for the Highlander series.

  7. I don’t think Barrons is the Unseelie King. There are just too many anomolies to that guess. He doesn’t feel fae, having sex with Mac got her back from pri-ya land, his actions around The Book, etc. He’s something other than human, malignant probably, magickal and powerful, definitely, but not Unseelie. V’Lane and Nana O’Reilly know about his origins – at least partially – and I do not see them behaving the way they do around him if he were Unseelie. But I could be wrong and you could be right. Moning leaves things in the shadows like that.

    I know the beast isn’t Barrons, because Ryodan wouldn’t have killed it if it were. It could have been one of the eight who closely resembles him…but I was thinking maybe it’s someone related to Mac? I know it has been said all her relatives are dead, but can we be sure? At first I thought Alina…but then we saw her body. What about Mac’s mum? Do we know for certain she’s dead? If it’s anyone related to her, that would make Barrons a total ass, so I’m hoping it’s not. I just can’t think who! It has to be an existing character, or else Mac wouldn’t have reacted the way she did. Then you try to think who would make her feel that way – Dani, V’Lane, her adoptive mum or da…the list is short. Especially when you consider that the IYD beast was in Barrons’ garage for the longest time, so it can’t be any of them. Which means the list is nonexistent. Damn cliffhanger! I need Shadowfever!

  8. Moning wants Mac to have a HEA. I just don’t know if it will be with Barrons. I think he needs somebody, but I don’t know who how it would work. He’s not exactly the kind of guy you feel all warm and fuzzy towards. Plus he rejects love. I’m sure he’s been through a lot, and it more than explains why he closes himself off to others, but that doesn’t excuse his jerkiness. It just wouldn’t seem proper to have Mac suffer his problems. Not that she’s perfect, but she’s very different and kinder, more open. Anywho. I think V’Lane might be her HEA. She might not even have a male partner at the end. I think having her parents or friends alive at the end of it all, the world not in shambles, those kinds of things would be a HEA. Like throwing the ring into the lava at the end of LotR – Frodo didn’t wed, he saved the world with a friend by his side at the end of it all, and that’s pretty damned good (in my opinion). Also…this all began with a death. Alina’s. Her death needs to be avenged. I know Mac’s cause grew, and she feels the SSP mantra of the sidhe-seers in her blood, but getting to the root of her sister’s death is central to her closure. Um…Christian needs a spinoff – I love him to death. Damn Fever series! My brain won’t shut up, how am I to sleep?

  9. Lauren, so you don’t assume that a HEA automatically guarantees a romantic happy ever after? That a boy and a girl gets together in the end?

  10. What if the IYD beast was the dreamy eyed guy? He was involved with Ryoden, working at the club, and he is seldom seen…. I think the series is amazing and I really do hope for a HEA with Mac and Barrons. :)

  11. Hi – I am so glad I found this site because I need to talk about this. Just finished DreamFever and am dying. Passed it on to my sister and told her I regret reading it – would have waited until ShadowFever was out. And there is no date yet??? I can’t even pre-order – which helps ease the wait.

    So who can the dead beast be? He (it was decidedly male) had dark hair.

    Could it be the Dreamy Eyed Boy – the one from Trinity and Chester’s. Remember when she looked into the mirror above the bar – he was a blur. And there was the blur during the rape – the fourth rapist? And the beast moved in a blur. The only problem I have with that is that I don’t think it would be the worst thing for Mac – she wasn’t totally enamored by him. It would not cause her to feel that now she had lost everything.

    Her father? But how? Nah!

    Also – it cannot be Barrons – can it? since we already established that he wasn’t the creature under the garage. And we already established that the silvers linked to the garage basement. So the beast is the thing under the garage – and not Barrons. Remember we heard it howl while Barrons was standing with Mac in the garage?

    But what other male would cause her to react so? Well – if it is Barrons – he’s NOT DEAD – because I am not done with him yet!!!!

    I don’t think Mac will have a HEA with V’Lane – there isn’t enough there between them. Her HEA will be with Barrons. I think we’ll see V’Lane again in future books – like Adam. Also – Yes – Christian has to be a future book.

    Amazing story – should have been a series – as good or better than LOST

  12. I think that the beast was either Barrons or Christian. Barrons would make more sense though because all along Barrons has been trying to convince Mac that he is not like her…Also, when Mac has been able to get inside Barrons’ head, she has seen a couple of things that make him seem like an Animal – first, she clearly saw that he enjoyed killing and Ryodan warned her that the beast in the Silver land could only kill, and second, she saw Barrons grieve for a dead child and Barrons asked her to remember that even with all his seeming callousness he could grieve.

    An animal kills because it is in its nature to do so. An animal has sex because it is in its nature to do so. An animal doesn’t think that killing or sex are inherently good or bad – they just are. However, an animal can feel pain, and that would seem to fit with Barrons’ comment about grieving. Also, throughout the series Barrons has been nocturnal – he always disappears during the day and than reappears at night. Barrons also moves preternaturally fast (like an animal) and can sneak up on Mac without her even knowing that he’s there. The beast also showed up when Mac finally dialed ICYD on Barrons special cell phone.

    Also, my memory is a bit rusty, but I think there was a bit in one of the first books where Barrons talked about wanting to die and hating his existence and needing the Book to end his immortality (I could be wrong though – it has been a long time since I read the first books). Also, Barrons destroyed the birthday cake that Mac made him because she was “trying to celebrate the day I was born.”

    As far as Ryodan being a traitor….I don’t know about that. Barrons believes that Mac is the answer to something and he has protected her without fail through these four books. I’m sure he would have told Ryodan to protect Mac at any cost – even if that meant protecting Mac from himself. Perhaps Barrons knew that he doesn’t retain his memories or knowledge of his human life when he is in beast form & therefore he told Ryodan to kill him if he tried to hurt Mac? This would partly explain why Barrons tatooed Mac’s scalp – so that he would recognize her even if he wasn’t “himself.”

    For a long time I thought that Barrons was a vampire, but now I think that he is some kind of beast-man hybrid. Or, maybe Mac just thought Barrons was a beast because the Hall of All Days messed with her mind????

    I also have thought that maybe Barrons is the Unseelie King. He can touch the hallows, he can’t touch the Book, he killed V’Lane’s queen, he can use the Silvers, the Unseelie and Seelie alike are afraid of him, he could turn Mac back from being Priya (but maybe this is because he is an animal & can fornicate like crazy????), he hates his existence & wants to die, he feels cursed, etc.

    Also, I thought that maybe the beast was really Christian because Mac had a hold of him right before she jumped to the prehistoric world and then she couldn’t find him. Also, Christian was “changing” because of the Unseelie flesh that Mac had fed him. What if he changed into that beast???? Mac also has a soft spot for Christian, and to me he seems like the most logical choice for a Happy Ever After for Mac. Don’t get me wrong – I love Barrons & think that Mac & he have a very special connection, but for Mac to have a Happy life when all this is over, I don’t know if Barrons is capable of that. Christian, however, is a MacKeltar, and all of the MacKeltar’s are awesome (at least in the several Highlander novels that I have read) – they are good, strong, magical men who treat their ladies with respect and love. Christian could probably keep Mac safe and he would also treat her right. But then again…I do love Barrons & would like to see him end up happy and less tortured.

    I also had the thought that Barrons story reminded me of a similar story that was touched on in the Highlander series, but I couldn’t remember which book it was in. I will have to re-read *Spell of the Highlander* now….

    Ugh. I fear that Barrons is dead, but I really really really don’t want him to be. I do think that the novel said that the beast was “almost dead” or “soon would be dead” and not that it was “dead.” So, I’m still holding out hope. *sigh* I do not want to wait another year to know what happened to Barrons and Christian :(

  13. Wow Annie – great thought here. I wish I could find an in-person book club to discuss – like in the “Jane Austin Book Club” movie. I really want to talk about this one. THANKS for sharing

  14. I am sure that it can’t be Barrons – the one thing we do know about Barrons is that he is not human. Mac looks at ” the person she just helped kill”…. he’s not a person.

  15. OKAY SO REALLY HOW CAN ANYONE NOT WANT TO SEE MAC AND BARRONS TOGETHER!!!! its sooo obvious that he loves her and just doesnt know how to show it…and pretty obvious she loves him back…at the beginning of the series I though she would end uo with V’lane, but after dreamfever I think that V’lanes obsession is only to get back at barrons. At first I thought barrons was a druid and mac his one an only mate…the way the air feels when mac is near him is the same way moning described the way her other druids and mates felt when in contact. Then I thought maybe hes the unseelie king and mac a recarnation of the concubine but that doesnt quite fit either!!! AGHHH the wait for shadowfever might kill me! I do think either barrons or christian was the beast…but i dont think that its really dead i think that it has something to do with the dream state…hence the name of the book!

  16. OK, it cannot be Barrons. I was depressed for days when I thought it might have been him that died but the more I think about it (and it could be my desperately crazy Barrons fogged brain working overtime) but I think it’s Christian. He was physically changing after eating the Unseelie flesh and he (like Barrons) had long black hair. His eyes were becoming more wild (can’t remember exactly what she said when she saw him changing) and once seeing that it was him, Mac would have lost one more piece of her innocence, killing one of the few people she could trust and who was truly helping her. And, Barrons could walk through the silvers, why would he come as IYD? Ryodan looked at Mac funny when she made the comment about IYD – like that wasn’t it. I think Ryodan is a bad guy (ok, not Barrons’ friend at least:-). I must stop obsessing over these books – quick, give me something else to read! Any thoughts on the Christian thing?? I do wish I hadn’t started this series until all the books were published (although I absolutely love them) – if we could just have a date for Shadowfever, please???

  17. hmm… i think Barrons was once human & is the child that was kept in a cage by V’lane’s princess (i dont think this is the queen) as the child was kept in Faery for 100s of years he learned magic & somehow mutated ino something not quite human? i also think that the other 8 are similar to Barrons as in they too were kidnappd as kids & mutated into something much stronger?

    Also, i think the beast at the end is Barrons, but isn’t dead. (Doesn’t he keep telling Mac that somethings are impossible to kill & not to believe them dead until u’ve burned the body & then waited to see if something rises out of the ashes?)

    About Ryodan, i really dont know… i dont think he is a traitor but what else could it be? maybe the guy was actually LM somehow disguised as Ryodan? but how?

    I think Mac & Barrons would have their HEA, & we will see V’lane & Christian in future books…

  18. Vickie I totally agree with you, i’ve read some pretty far-fetched theories up till now and they did not convinced me at all.

    Barrons could be the boy that was kidnapped by the Fae and kept a diary which Mac later read. A few pages after we’ve been introduced to the diary and the boy in the book (I think it’s book 3), Barrons makes some interesting comments about understanding the Unseelie, about how after centuries of being in prison they were now enjoying their freedom and he took pity on them for a moment.

    And frankly, what other real purpose would the boy’s story serve?
    Although it won’t explain why barrons was in love with a woman, why he killed Vlane’s princess or who the child was.

    As for the beast, do you really think Mac would react that way for the boy with dreamy eyes or even for Christian?? Come on !
    The only people Mac feels this strongly about are Barrons, her parents, Alina, her birth mother, maybe Dani, and herself.
    And the beast is said to be male!

    Personally I think it’s Barrons, but I’m sure he is not dead, if only because KMM is so obviously not done with him.
    Don’t forget that the last thing he said to her before she went in the Silvers was that he would always be there to watch on her (from his garage). I think that’s KMM way of reassuring us even if that’s not obvious.

    I’m only confused because she did it also when she wrote “whatever was beneath his garage wasn’t Jericho Z. Barrons” Note the emphasis with the Z that can only come from KMM.

    Well whatever the outcome I’m sure it would be great and completly unpredictable.
    I’ve read that some people are afraid one book would not be enough to close on the story of Barrons and Mac with and HEA for the both of them. Just read some of here other books and you’ll see that she can do every thing, plus she has a romance lectorship that she is taking into account even though she said she now wanted to write something different from her Highlander series.

  19. Hi guys – love the converation here. Just saw the KMM blog and still no SF release date. I forgot all about the boy in the cage – wow. And yes – JZB and Mac will have a HEA and Christian and V’lane will be in future books – V’lane is the new Adam….. I keep telling myself that. And hope KMM feels better and can keep giving us her gifts of her brilliant stories – LOVE HER!!! Although if she ever needs any help – I can think of a blog of people who will help LOL

  20. I also think it may be Christian who transformed from the beast. He was already beginning to “transform” with all of his dark magik tatoos appearing. It also explains why the spear would have an effect on the beast at all, if he had unsealie in him. . . I just can’t fathom it being Barons.

    I guess it’ll be another long wait for the final installment. Personally, there is NO WAY I’m getting hooked on another series. Too frustrating with the cliff hangers. Cliff hangers bug me because they seem like a cheap shot at selling more of the next book regardless of quality. If the series is truely good, your readers will want to read more without the cliffhanger. Why do we spend our time and money to be left feeling unsatisfied at the end?

  21. There is a scene in one of the books where the beast under the bookstores howls while Mac is with Barrons. Also, Riordan would surely know the beast was Barrons and not kill it. Therefore, I don’t think he was the person Mac helped kill.

    The two other people Mac would most hate to kill would be Aline and Dani. I don’t see how Dani could have been under the bookstore all that time and still running around Dublin. I think the beast must have been Aline who is a missing character.

    Barrons could be the Unseelie King or the boy who was once captured by the Fae. Perhaps the boy escaped somehow, maybe even bringing a few friends (Riordan, Fiona?).

    The big question I have, is who is the imprisoned concubine? Mac’s mother or grandmother? Mac herself in some weird time-twisting way? Why does Mac want so badly to save the beautiful woman in her dreams?

  22. First of all, I don’t think Barrons is the Unseelie King. Christian tells Mac at the end of Dreamfever about the background of the Cruce curse and how the Unseelie King can’t use the silvers. Barrons has used the silvers. Also, there are other men like Barrons, and there is only one Unseelie King. He may have been Fae in the past, though. LM used to be, and later became something else. Plus, KMM says a zillion times that the Fae believe in only stasis and change and that they transform, sometimes even without meaning to. Besides, KMM keeps coming up with new monsters and castes of Fae, why not just make Barrons something we haven’t seen before?

    At first I thought the IYD was Alina. LM keeps telling Mac he can give Alina back to her if she will help him. That indicates that she is somewhere that she can be gotten from, which doesn’t include truly dead. And, Mac said that she had BARELY been able to recognize the body of her sister when she was IDing it. But then I remembered that Mac said the IYD was male and had dark hair. Alina was female and blonde. But, the appearance of the IYD was all a facade anyway, since it’s slate gray sking lightened and it changed size and shape.

    Of course, with that line of thinking, the IYD could also be her mother. Her mother had gone so far to protect the girls that she gave them up for adoption. Why wouldn’t she then kill everything in sight to continue to keep Mac safe? The reason the IYD could have been mad at first is because it recognized Mac and knew that (as her mother) she had done everything she thought would save the girls and that Mac’s presence in the silvers meant she had failed.

    Or, it could be Barrons. But I tend to think not. First, Mac heard the beast in the basement when Barrons was right in front of her. Mac says many times that she purposely avoids placing any claim on Barrons. I think it’s obvoius that she cares anyway, but with the emotional walls she puts up, would she have stated at the end that now she lost EVERYTHING?

    Christian is the other obvious choice for the IYD. Mac doesn’t care about him as much as some of the others, but she did state that he was the only trustworthy one around and he basically helped ground her. Plus, if he is one of the five, then without him, they can’t use the book to fix things and then everything will be lost.

    As for the HEA, I would personally like it if Mac and Barrons finally snapped out of the BS and admitted they love each other. But, let’s not forget that she told Barrons that one day she would kiss someone simply because she wanted to, and that she would be with someone who could give her a real life, with a family. The only guy that really fits those criteria at the moment is Christian. She stated she was attracted to him. He is actually human, he is honest, and they haven’t kissed yet. Someone above stated that Mac doesn’t have to have a man to still have a HEA. That is a super good point. Mac has been getting more and more self reliant. She had rebuffed both Barrons and V’lane multiple times. She started to take control of her life. Maybe the HEA doesn’t involve a guy, only involved Mac proving the prophecy of her dooming the world false and instead saves it.

    Lastly, why isn’t anyone speculating about what Mac is, or maybe I missed it. The further you get into the series, the weirder she gets. Now she is fast, strong, heals, telepathic, did something weird with the Sinsar Dubh that made it where Barrons couldn’t even see her. Doesn’t sound human to me. Plus, after the incident with the book, Barrons asked her what the F she was. Also, before that when the Unseelie princes took her, she heard someone (I think the LM) asking that same question and she repeated it in her mind.

    There are just SO MANY open questions. I would like to know what Barrons is. I would like to know who the 4th lover was. Where is V’lane these days? The list goes on and on, and then on some more. Will KMM PLEASE have mercy on us as get the last book out post haste (pun intended)?

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