50 Book Challenge of 2008

A friend of mine started a Yahoo! group called the 50 Book Challenge of 2008. The name says it all, so I’m not going to explain what the group is. However, it’s a challenge I’m going to have fun with. Reading 50 books in one year is no problem for me. I can go through a 400 page book in 2 days even with Ian around, so it’s a pretty easy challenge for me. So I’m going to add a little spin to it for my own sake. I’m going to read 50 new authors in 2008. That may be a little hard for me since I’ve been searching for new authors the past couple of months, but I should have no problem looking for me.

The members are going to try and post reviews of books they’ve read, so if you’re not a big reader and you want a challenge, come on and join us. Thats one book every 7.3 days, so a book a week. I dare you to this challenge.

Click here to join 50BookChallenge2008
Click to join 50BookChallenge2008

To get things started, here are the new authors I’ve read this year. Anyone want to give me a new author to try? I prefer the genres: supernatural, paranormal, horror, historical romance, DnD (mainly Hickman & Weiss or Salvatore), comedic mysteries, or some classics. However, if someone gives a book, that’s not in one of these genres, a good enough review, I’ll try it.

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