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Darynda Jones

Darynda JonesTonight I’ll be doing a live interview with Darynda Jones about what kind of hijinks Charley is up to now. I hope you’ll join me at Google Hangouts On Air at 8:30pm EST, when I talk with Darynda about Charley and the gang.

I know I won’t be the only one with questions, so make sure you bring your questions as listeners are always encouraged to participate. For those who are able to make it, there will be a section where you can submit questions for a queue. If you can’t make it, don’t worry, simply leave your question in the comments below and I’ll make sure it’s in my queue for tonight.

Warning: Sixth Grave on the Edge will be releasing a couple days prior to this discussion. We’ll try to keep spoilers to a minimum, but anything from the first five novels is totally game.

Again, and because it was a lot of fun, I’ll be doing the interview via Google Hangouts On Air, so you’ll not only be able to listen in on the conversation, but watch it as well.  The video will be available on LE’s YouTube page within an hour after it ends as are all past live interviews I’ve done this way. You do not need to have a G+ account to view the interview, but you will need one to leave a question. If you would like to leave a question and do not have a G+ (or google) account, you can leave questions here in the comments. As I see them, I’ll add them to the Q&A queue myself. To view the interview, you can either go straight to this link or come back and watch it right here tonight at 8:30pm EST.

Meet Darynda Jones!

NYTimes and USA Today Bestselling Author Darynda Jones has won numerous awards for her work, including a prestigious RITA, a Golden Heart, and a Daphne du Maurier. As a born storyteller, Darynda grew up spinning tales of dashing damsels and heroes in distress for any unfortunate soul who happened by, annoying man and beast alike, and she is ever so grateful for the opportunity to carry on that tradition. She currently has two series with St. Martin’s Press: The Charley Davidson Series and the Darklight Trilogy. She lives in the Land of Enchantment, also known as New Mexico, with her husband of almost 30 years and two beautiful sons, the Mighty, Mighty Jones Boys.

Contact Info: Website | Blog | Facebook | Twitter | Google+ | GoodReads | Amazon | Pinterest

DJones-Sixth Grave on the EdgeWant to purchase Darynda’s novels?
Charley Davidson

  1. First Grave On the Right
  2. Second Grave on the Left
  3. Third Grave Dead Ahead
  4. For I Have Sinned
  5. Fourth Grave Beneath My Feet
  6. Fifth Grave Past the Light
  7. Sixth Grave on the Edge
  8. Seventh Grave and No Body (Oct 21, 2014)


  1. Death and the Girl Next Door
  2. Death, Doom, and Detention
  3. Death and the Girl He Loves
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  1. Well I would watch but it just keeps taking me to the freaking account it set up on its own for me and I refuse to do anything with that. I did not ask for or want a Google+ account when I already had a Google account. So I guess I’ll just ask you here: How long do we have to wait for Charley and Reyes’s wedding — since we are sure she’s not going to say no.

    • Again, I’m sorry for not asking. I didn’t see these prior to the interview. Let me see if I can’t get Darynda to answer them now.

  2. I love Charley, Reyes, and the gang! My questions are:

    1. Is Cookie ever going to get a raise? Now that Charley is marrying the rich owner, will she be able to give Cookie a raise? I feel bad for her since she is raising a sooner than later high schooler/college student!

    2. Do we get to have a baby shower for Charley in the book? I wonder what you give the granddaughter of Satan? Haha!

    • Sorry guys. I didn’t see these questions prior to the interview. Let me see if I can’t get Darynda to answer them now and I’ll post the answers.

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