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RCWilson-Restraint Tour BadgeRandi Cooley Wilson is back with a dark paranormal NA that will keep you on the edge of your seat. Restraint is an addictive pleasure and spellbinding continuation of Eve’s journey of self-discovery, love and sacrifice. Readers captivated by Revelation will eagerly devour Restraint.

A FORBIDDEN LOVE WILL BECOME DEEPER. A LOYALTY WILL BE TESTED. AND ONLY DARKNESS WILL REMAIN. One revelation changed everything, turning Eve Collin’s world upside down. Now, she’s left to struggle with her identity and allegiance. Haunted by grief and tempted by her increasing attraction to her protector, will she ever truly be safe from enemies that refuse to give up?

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Last Words Excerpt from Restraint

RCWilson_Restraint“The council is very disappointed with you,” the first man says with a sigh. “We expected great restraint from a member of this council. You have tarnished the protector duties we are bound to. You have embarrassed this council and your race. But most disturbing, you have tainted your family name.”

The prisoner says nothing in response.

One of the other male council members speaks from the stage. “And for what? A human girl? Pathetic.”

“I love her,” the captive says in a low but solid voice, which resonates in my ears as my heart rate increases.

Realization hits me as I move closer to the stage. In the light of the flames, I see the dragon tattoo on the inmate’s bare back.

“Oh shit.” I panic.

“It is forbidden,” a female member says loudly, her long, gray hair unmoving.

The elderly man steps forward, bending so he’s eye level with Asher. “Your punishment has been decided, dark prince. You shall suffer an eternity in stone. Watching her, knowing she is alive, but never allowed to touch her. Bring me the Angelic Sword,” he orders with finality.

Asher positions himself straighter, as if accepting this fate.

I try to run to him but am rooted in place. An unseen force holds me back as I try to fight it to get to him.

The older council member is handed the sword and walks slowly toward Asher. “Last words?” he asks coolly.

“I love you, siren. I will protect you, always,” Asher says as if speaking directly to me.

My eyes widen in horror as I thrash around, trying to break free from the invisible hold keeping me in place. My ear-piercing scream ricochets off the stone as the elderly man pierces Asher’s heart with the Angelic Sword.

Meet Randi Cooley Wilson!

randicooleywilsonRandi was born and raised in Massachusetts where she attended Bridgewater State University and graduated with a degree in Communication Studies. After graduation she moved to California where she lived happily bathed in sunshine and warm weather for fifteen years. She and her husband recently moved back to Massachusetts with their daughter where she was encouraged to begin writing again.

Contact Info: Website | Facebook | Twitter | Goodreads | Google+ | Amazon

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