Generation 18 by Keri Arthur


Generation18_KArthurI love urban fantasy novels, usually because they are more dark, gritty and focus less on the romance aspect but still have sexual tension/romantic elements (though not always). Generation 18 by Keri Arthur, book 2 of her Spook Squad series, gave me all of this, and I devoured it in a matter of a couple hours!

A serial killer striking every twelve hours. A Kite monster murdering at random. Though neither event seems related, Agents Sam Ryan and Gabriel Stern quickly discover a link between the two-the military base known as Hopeworth. But are the serial killings a military cover-up that has gone dangerously wrong, or is there a deeper, more personal reason behind the murders of the red-headed adoptees? And are the so-called random attacks of the Kites nothing more than a methodical clean-up of a past mistake?As the investigation continues, Sam discovers a connection between herself and the murder victims, a connection that implies a link to Hopeworth itself. But if she is a product of the military, why does Hopeworth appear to know nothing about her? With the killings escalating and the danger drawing closer to home, Sam not only has to battle to bring a killer to justice, but to save Gabriel’s life. And the one person who seems to hold the key to what is going on, as well as what has happened in Sam’s past, is the mysterious man who saved her life. But does she dare believe his words or the dreams she seems to share with him? Because this mystery man may not be just her enemy, but the enemy of humankind itself.

In Generation 18 we get to see more of Sam and Gabriel.  I really want to hit Gabriel over the head, probably as much as Sam does. He is hot one minute and cold the next. He is still struggling with this desire to not have a partner. I get it, some really bad things happened to past partners and he doesn’t want that happening to Sam. But does he tell her? Not until after she calls him on it. Even then, he doesn’t talk to her about it, just pushes her away while also not denying his attraction to her. *sigh* Men….even fictional ones don’t always have a clue!

I enjoy Arthur’s writing style, though at times it is a bit too descriptive for me and I tend to glaze over and start page flipping until action picks back up. But, when she starts in on the action, I’m totally captivated and my heart would race during some scenes. I flew through the book because I really wanted to know what happens…and if we get any more information on Sam.  We do, but we still don’t get everything! I need Penumbra stat!!

Overall, Generation 18 rocked and I could not put it down. My only regret is not having Penumbra in hand so I can finally learn all the secrets! I highly recommend this trilogy and am eagerly awaiting October.

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