The Wolf Masters by Becca Jameson

Have you ever gotten into a mood for a particular book and you didn’t have one readily handy? I was this past weekend. I wanted a paranormal menage romance, but I didn’t want a drive-by menage – I wanted the threesome to have a HEA, not one where a third rides off into the sunset. Becca Jameson’s The Wolf Masters series was recommended, and I have to say, it was exactly what I was looking for. I just wish it hadn’t left me hanging.

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The Masters are a family of wolf shifters who own a dairy farm in Oregon. Richard and Nancy Masters raised one daughter, four sons, and one adopted son. As each of the males come of age and meet their mate, they discover that they must share her with another man. For the first son, this is a relief. He’s been sharing women with his best friend and adopted brother for as long as he can remember. The other three brothers are not quite so convinced, but Fate has Her way…

As a menage romance, all four books – Kara’s Wolves, Lindsey’s Wolves, Jessica’s Wolves, and Alyssa’s Wolves – had everything I wanted. A couple sexy shifters (my paranormal element), lots of menage action (many smexy times), and all three ended up together as one big happy family (a threesome HEA). Seriously, the whole idea of how these shifters mates is kind of instant lust that just leads to numerous bedroom antics that don’t always occur in the bedroom. The chemistry between all three is electrifying and turns these stories into really quick reads.

My only real complaint with the Wolf Masters series is the conflict each threesome goes through. I love a good romance as much as the next person, but it can’t all be about the sex. There needs to be some action (and not of the bedroom variety) that competes with the characters attention. I want a conflict that needs some serious alpha resolution that may involve some major ass kicking. All four books have that potential, and even offer some great setup, but every single one falls flat.  Each conflict that riles the boys up and makes their hackles rise is finished within a page. Not only is the action cut short, but we never see what happens next.

Here is the perfect example, which may or may not be considered spoilerish. In Lindsey’s Wolves, Lindsey is being stalked by religious fanatics. By the end the cops are involved and there’s some sneakery – which I’m loving – but then Bam! It’s finish and we don’t hear anything else. Lindsey gets away and we never find out why the fanatics wanted her, what their deal was, or even what ended up happening to them.

So yeah, that is probably a good spoiler, but seriously, The Wolf Master series is not about a third-party conflict – it’s all about the threesome that have just discovered they are a threesome. If we just concentrate on the chemistry and how the three characters evolve over the course of the book – the series is awesome. It’s amazing, it’s awesome, go out and buy it. If you’re like me and need/want a third-party conflict (or in the case of a threesome, a fourth-party conflict), you might want to skim those parts of the story.

Quite honestly, if you’re looking for an erotic romance and are not sure what book to open, I would definitely recommend picking up the first book in the Wolf Masters series. Even with the trend of not following through with the outside conflict, I never once hesitated from opening up the next book in the series. There was fabulous chemistry between all the characters involved, the story flowed from one scene to another and it was just an incredibly easy read.

Read Order:
Kara’s Wolves
Lindsey’s Wolves
Jessica’s Wolves
Alyssa’s Wolves

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