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Escapists UncensoredI hereby create a RYOB challenge aka Read Your Own Books Challenge. Why? Because as I was starting the depressing decluttering of my library, I realized that I have tons of novels that I have either a) never read, b) read only once, or c) haven’t read in so long I’ve forgotten all about them. Oh and d) once I saw it was all nostalgic and had to fight off the urge to read it ASAP. The more I dug through my boxes and bins, the more frustrated and stressed I became.

I mean, come on! How am I supposed to get rid of anything if I can’t remember it?  Or haven’t read it? What about, wanting to read a couple hundred novels that I loved from the past but have too many new ones to get too?

In case you didn’t mark your calendar, I started this process in May!  I swore I wouldn’t buy anything new, until I got rid of those I didn’t want. Guess what? I have yet to get rid of anything, and all my ‘organizing’ has just been moving the piles of books to new places around my house because I’m so frustrated I don’t know what to do with them. Oh, it gets worse by the way. Not only have I bought more I’ve also borrowed some! Head meets desk.

And so, I am challenging myself to a RYOB Challenge. I am not buying or borrowing any books – I have made my hubby swear he won’t let me – until I have donated at least 10 of my own. If this takes me the rest of the year, then so be it! I have a mess on my hands and the only way to conquer this beast is head on, and ASAP.

Who wants to join me?

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  1. I was just thinking the other day that my Kindle makes me skip books when I get bored of the current one I’m reading. I have so many, instead of letting a book develop I’m on to the next. So, I decided to dig out some paperbacks that I haven’t read. ;)

  2. I found a book that I hadn’t read since college when I moved and pulled it out thinking I’m definitely going to read this one again …and yet it still sits there lol.

  3. I am bad in that I won’t read a book twice. I just can’t read something that I know how it ends. SO I end up donating a lot of books or selling them on Amazon. That being said I hate clutter and they don’t stay around my house long. However, don’t look at my Kindle because it is full of FREE books that I will never get thru before I die but I keep downloading. Plus now that I review books, they are sending them left and right so I am starting to get a stack of books. I just wish I had time to just read.

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