2015 Advertising Availability + Statistical Tracking Update

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LE’s Reach:

For historical data, please check out our Advertising Opportunities where each month for 2014 is listed out as well as the yearly average for 2013.

Update on LE Statistical Tracking

When LE started back in 2007, AWStats was considered one of the best tracking tools used by many system administrators in communities Jesse followed and that’s what we implemented on the site. As technology tends to do, innovations and advances have been made with newer tracking systems coming out; and since we’ve never had an issue with the numbers generated by AWStats, and in the beginning I wasn’t watching my numbers, we never felt the need to change.

Sadly, I’m now finding a need a to change how LE tracks visitors and page hits. Over the past year, we’ve noticed that AWStats has stopped recording historical data past 30 days; in other words, if I didn’t grab the data for October in November, by December 1st it would be gone. This sucks especially since I didn’t realize this quick enough and actually lost all LE’s numbers for an entire month.

So beginning January 1st, LE will begin using Google Analytics to track our numbers, which a lot of people have already gone to. The reason we haven’t done so before is the huge difference between the two tracking systems – for example, in August 2013, AWStats has that LE received 17,998 unique visitors, but Google Analytics tells me that LE received 4,278 unique visitors. Considering the gap in the two numbers, I wanted to know why before I made the change and it seems the biggest difference was that AWStats directly monitors LE’s access logs, which include pages that are PDFs, and Google Analytics does not.

Since making that discovering, I’ve been doing some updating and tinkering with the pages here on LE, and now it’s time to make the change. December will be the final month that is tracked by AWStats. In January, LE will begin using Google Analytics, so our numbers will be considerably smaller since there is a difference with the two systems.

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