Love’s Golden Promise by L. Vinet

Another great romance novel, Love’s Golden Promise by Lynette Vinet is a story involving two star-crossed lovers, but they actually get a happy ever after.

Penniless and heart-breakingly beautiful, Wynter McChesney knew of only one man who could lend her the vast sums she needed to save her ancestral manor. But the collateral Cort Van Linden demanded was an outrageous insult – proud-spirited Wynter would never agree to become the arrogant captain’s doxy! Then an act of piracy on the high seas left her at Cort’s Mercy, and in his wild embrace Wynter discovered she would give anything to know the achingly sweet fulfillment of…Love’s Golden Promise.

I will admit that this novel is a little thick at 448 pages, but it is so worth it. It has something for everyone and there’s never a dull moment. It honestly seems like Wynter and Cort will never find happiness together and that the stars are constantly throwing obstacles in their paths. The story starts out in England where Wynter learns her father left everything to her half-sister (the legitimate one) and she hops a ship to the New World. However, she never gets there since she’s abducted during a sea battle by pirates. Now we’ve gone from the English countryside to the high seas and life in the Caribbean until another sea battle and Wynter makes her way to New Amsterdam where the story ends.

Vinet does an amazing job with her characters considering everything they go through. Throughout the entire novel, we’re given not one story but a couple with interesting transitions that keep the attention and characters that pull us in even further. The trials and tribulations our lovers encounter are enough to discourage even the most hearty, but they pull it off with seemingly little effort. This is another story that will keep pulling you back to it even after you finish reading it.

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